How about your organization? Do you have an IT vision and IT transformation roadmap that is understood, shared and supporting your business needs now and in the future?

Your VMware technology might be fast and efficient, but how about your IT teams and IT organisation? Is your IT organisation ready to team up with business and Dev teams and deliver agile services they will need now and tomorrow? Is your IT transformation slowing down? Do you know how to (re-)start and accelerate your optimisations?

Get the most out of your investments

ITTS will help you to unlock the full potential and value related to your VMware technology investments based on our Transformation Services and our VMware knowledge and experience in optimising people, process and organisations in combination with VMware Technology.

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Do you have an IT vision and IT transformation roadmap that is understood by your organization? Or do you need help? Feel free to contact me.

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How ITTS will help you, some examples:

Adoption service for NSX

Installing NSX without connecting it to the security strategy and policies, without adapting involved roles and responsibilities may lead to ineffective micro-segmentation and non-compliances for security.

We will review the way of working, define and guide the new roles, adopt the processes and make sure the NSX team is connected and up to date with the security policies and able to sustain the new and more effective way of working. Read more about the NSX Adoption Service here.

Readiness service for Hybrid Cloud (SDDC, VCF)

Each organisation has a different starting point for its journey to the Hybrid Cloud. Apart from technology, you need to know the current state of your people, roles, teams, processes and organisation to create an integral transformation roadmap and to determine the level of effort.

We will help you to identify your current situation pragmatically, create a prioritized high-level roadmap, based on our best practices, so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel, aligned and integrated with your technical roadmap, to make sure your roles, teams, processes and organization are ready and optimized to get the most out of the new technology.

Service definition & Service lifecycle

Today, your (internal) customers want new or near real-time updates of Services, fast, flexible, 24/7, scalable, and with low cost, to the benefit of their business. So, how do you create a repeatable, fast, secure and predictable process to define and manage (anything as a) Service? And which roles are involved?

We will guide your team through all steps of Service Definition, share templates and best practices, collaborating on 1 or 2 Use Cases selected by your team, so they can do the next ones on their own. We will explain roles and responsibilities in the Service Lifecycle and apply them directly and align with the technical implementation track.

Service marketing for IT and Business

You have invested a lot in your Private/Hybrid Cloud and IaaS capabilities, but how to make your catalog of Services known, relevant and financially attractive for your (IT) users and business consumers? How to position your services towards services from other Cloud Service Providers (like AWS, Azure)?

We will help you to market your Services by explaining and sharing best practices for Service Marketing in a VMware (and/or Hybrid Cloud) environment, how to plan and use different communication channels and proven communication strategies. We will propose a repeatable Service Marketing process based on your situation and validated by your people.

Organize & Optimize people, process and organization of your SDDC/VCF Cloud Journey

To fully benefit of the VMware technology, you need to adopt a new (pro-active) way of working. These changes will not happen by just adopting the new technology but will need systematic attention to transform people/teams (roles and responsibilities), processes (due to automation) and organization, closely aligned with the technology journey. ITQ will bring you the design of new roles, teams and IT organization and a high-level roadmap based on VMware’s and ITQ’s best practices to accelerate your transformation!

Roles Definition & Mapping service (no siloes anymore)

Once we have designed the SDDC/VCF target state organization, we need to populate it with the right roles and teams, to support the (XaaS) services this organization needs to deliver. But where do we start, which new roles are needed, how do we map existing roles on the new roles and teams, what skills do we have and will we need, how many FTE, how do we scale, how do we recruit? And how do we achieve our team-agility? ITQ will guide you!

ITTS is your trusted IT advisor and IT consulting partner to accelerate and optimise your digital transformation based on VMware, Pivotal & AWS in all types of industries.

Want to know more or interested in an Awareness session where we explain what this could mean for your organisation? Please contact the ITTS team (Paul Legierse) or ITQ.


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