“The CISO requires a network design as per our security policy, which is why we acquired NSX. We are looking for the roadmap to a successful implementation.”

How (the ITQ approach) 

It is important to be very clear from the start about the objectives, issues or challenges the CISO (or security representative) has in mind. ITQ often uses a thematic approach in order to be able to properly address the objectives in the field of security on the technology selected. Depending on the project, a waterfall, agile or hybrid approach with corresponding documentation and/or tools are chosen. In addition to a project manager, ITQ personnel involved include an architect and at least one specialist technical consultant. From the client’s side, we involve the management and/or project organisation, security and any other interested parties relevant to the process. If desired, the ITQ project manager can take on the entire project management, but we prefer to work with a counterpart from the client’s organisation. In this way, it’s easier to reach a workable agreement regarding the tasks, which brings about a more effective schedule and implementation.

The ultimate approach for the implementation is a proven method that has already been deployed at many client companies: ​

  • Assess & Design: mapping out the NSX virtualisation and security requirements and setting up a design for the client environment. ​
  • Working with the client’s managers, we implement NSX as the basis for application security and insulation of infrastructure sections.
  • Test: validation of the environment based on the validations carried out by VMware. ​
  • Transfer: all project sections are transferred to the client organisation and the final questions are answered. The virtualisation roadmap is also brought up to date and the following steps explained.
  • Evaluation: reviews and previews within the framework of a perpetually learning organisation. ​

In this way, we ensure that the technology optimally corresponds with the desired objectives and that the existing environment is sufficiently considered.

What (result or added value):

  • The NSX platform is versatile and provides numerous network functions for capitalising on multiple user/client cases. We continually keep your employees informed about the steps to follow after this, how you can start these and what this means for management. At the end of the project, all of this is set down in a roadmap.
  • With NSX, your organisation obtains access to Software Defined Network (SDN). NSX is delivered operationally. This means that NSX is implemented to include basic firewall rules that are defined in the Security Framework. The entire system is tested in accordance with the VMware validation rules.
  • Following completion of the project, you as a business will have an NSX architecture design and configuration overview and a basis for your Life Cycle Management at your disposal. You will also have a Security Framework for later NSX usage in your applications, for example.
Rick van der Weide Inside Sales

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