“The business thinks the time to market is too long, which is why I want to be able to use VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) to quickly capitalise on changing circumstances.”

How (the ITQ approach) 

We work with your employees and involved stakeholders to design a new VCF environment. A technical consultant and a project manager are involved in executing the project in order to carry out the design tasks thematically. The project manager also helps with providing support for your management and/or project organisation. A number of design sessions are initially held with both direct as well as indirect stakeholders to guarantee that all of the business requirements are listed out fully and are translated into a technical solution.

The technical consultant will then present a detailed design that will serve as a blueprint for the construction of the VCF environment. He will also implement the installation and configuration of the VCF environment, in conjunction with your technical specialists. After thorough testing and validation, the VCF environment will be transferred to your management/control organisation and can then be put into use.

The project manager and technical consultant will draft a final document, based in part on evaluation input, which will also describe any follow-up steps to be taken.

What (result or added value):

  • A fully operational and tested VMware VCF platform with which the client can scale up or down quickly and efficiently in accordance with business requirements. The IT environment can be adapted quickly to the business requirements as circumstances dictate.
  • Upon completion of the project, the client has a flexible VCF infrastructure with an approved design and configuration documents at their disposal.
Thom Vessies CCO / Sales & Marketing Director

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