“We’ve done a PoC with Carbon Black. But how can we protect our workloads and how do we get our development teams to use the product?”

How (the ITQ approach)

To implement Carbon Black, we, together with your employees, approach the project with the desired project methodology and decide on a waterfall or an agile approach, depending on your organisation.

We start by drawing up an inventory. Based on the Proof of Concept evaluation, we map out the business drivers and establish the desired objectives. A team is assembled with the specific knowledge and roles. With the stakeholders involved, we develop a security framework in which the security policy is specified for the workloads. During the implementation phase, the security policy is set out in accordance with the scope of security of the framework. Then there is a thorough test, and an evaluation of the results. If the test delivers positive results, the RUN phase follows in which the roll-out takes place according to the production workload.

The project is completed with a transfer of knowledge to the manager to ensure that they are capable of independently managing and safeguarding the secure environment with Carbon Black.

After a final evaluation, the project is completed once all the set objectives are met.

What (result or added value):

  • The client receives a step-by-step plan and a migration plan specifically tailored to their situation.
  • The client’s cloud platform is secured and monitored. The workloads and endpoints are protected by Carbon Black. The organisation knows how they must act in the event of serious discussions.
  • The security policy is mapped, implemented and documented.
  • The client receives a clear communication plan and together with the client’s team, we execute this plan when implementing a migration.
Francisco Perez van der Oord Founder

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