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Thousands of companies use a cloud operating model built on HashiCorp products to provision, secure, connect, and run cloud infrastructure for their most important applications. The HashiCorp platform of automation software is used by platform teams around the world to improve developer velocity, reduce risk, and optimize efficiency.

Unlock a cloud operating model and empower your platform engineers to accelerate your cloud journey.

The HashiCorp stack consists of the following tools:

HashiCorp Boundary
HashiCorp Boundary provides a modern solution for managing human-to-machine access, reducing risks associated with credential sprawl and manual maintenance efforts required by traditional solutions like SSH keys and VPN credentials.
HashiCorp Terraform
Standardize Infrastructure with HashiCorp Terraform, a popular tool for provisioning cloud and software infrastructure. Implement reproducible infrastructure as code practices and compliance/governance workflows for shared services to ensure controls.
HashiCorp Consul
Cloud networking can be tough, but HashiCorp Consul helps platform teams manage multi-cloud networks by connecting services. A centralized service registry provides a "map" of running services and enables service discovery or network automation of components.
HashiCorp Packer
HashiCorp Packer is an open-source tool that automates the creation of machine images, including Docker images and images for cloud service providers. Platform teams can use Packer to create "golden images" for standardizing cloud infrastructure.
HashiCorp Nomad
HashiCorp Nomad is an orchestrator that can manage traditional and modern applications for all types of workloads. To get the benefits of shared services for application delivery, platform teams should use Nomad  with Terraform, Vault, and Consul to deliver applications on cloud infrastructure while meeting necessary compliance, security, and networking requirements.
HashiCorp Vault
HashiCorp Vault provides a comprehensive secrets management solution for machines and applications, enabling platform teams to securely store and tightly control access to tokens, passwords, certificates, and encryption keys. Vault also helps protect data at rest and in transit, acts as a certificate authority, and enables identity brokering between different platforms.
HashiCorp Waypoint
Standardize Application Deployment with HashiCorp Waypoint. Modernizing applications can be complex and overwhelming for developers due to the various tools and environments used for deployment. HashiCorp Waypoint aims to standardize application deployment and simplify the process for teams, improving consistency, complexity, and security.

Certified HashiCorp Implementation Partner

ITQ is equipped to offer comprehensive services to clients, ranging from solution design and configuration to deployment and ongoing support. Organizations can leverage the power of HashiCorp's tools to automate infrastructure provisioning, secure sensitive information, facilitate service discovery, and enable efficient application deployment. ITQ's certified status as a HashiCorp Implementation Partner is a testament to its deep understanding and proficiency in implementing cutting-edge cloud infrastructure solutions, providing clients with the confidence and assurance they need to optimize their IT operations and accelerate Cloud Native transformation.

HashiCorp Ambassador

HashiCorp Ambassadors are individuals who are committed to the spirit of open source. They actively share knowledge about HashiCorp tools through content creation, local events, and productive, thoughtful feedback while advocating and adhering to the HashiCorp Principles. Ambassadors support the growth and accessibility of the community, focusing on three key elements: Knowledge sharing, Mentorship, and Kindness. Sharing knowledge is in our blood, and we love tech. It isn’t a surprise that there are HashiCorp Ambassadors amongst the ITQ workforce.

HashiCorp Vision
The Tao of HashiCorp is the foundation that guides its vision, roadmap, and product design. It encompasses a set of core principles that emphasize automation, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), decentralization, pragmatism, immutable infrastructure, security by default, open source, and user-centric design. By adhering to these principles, HashiCorp aims to enable organizations to build reliable, scalable, and secure infrastructure and software systems, fostering a culture of automation, collaboration, and innovation.

Cloud Operating Model Principles

To succeed in the age of multi-cloud architecture driven by digital transformation, enterprise IT must change from ITIL-based gatekeeping to enabling shared self-service processes for DevOps excellence.

A cloud operating model is a new approach for IT operations that organizations need to use to succeed with cloud adoption. This approach involves industrializing application delivery for a cloud-based architecture and making necessary changes to people, processes, and tools.

IT teams should adopt a cloud operating model encompassing infrastructure, security, networking, and application delivery.

The following principles should be considered:
Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Provisioning
This principle emphasizes the need for reproducible infrastructure as code practices using tools like HashiCorp Terraform and HashiCorp Packer. It highlights the importance of implementing compliance and governance workflows to ensure control and appropriate resource provisioning. HashiCorp Terraform automates cloud infrastructure deployment using code, simplifying project management. It supports major cloud providers and includes features for managing complex infrastructure dependencies, version control, and safe application of changes. Terraform streamlines cloud operations, reduces errors and improves efficiency. HashiCorp Packer is a tool that enables platform teams to create identical machine images for multiple clouds from a single source template. A common use case is creating "golden images" that platform teams use to help standardize cloud infrastructure.
Multi-Cloud Service Networking
Networking challenges in a cloud operating model are addressed using HashiCorp Consul, which offers service registry, service discovery, and network infrastructure automation. The goal is to simplify network management, enable service-to-service communication, and provide a zero-trust network model.
Multi-Cloud Security
The shift to dynamic cloud infrastructure requires transitioning from host-based to application-based identity and moving towards a low- or zero-trust networking environment. HashiCorp Vault is presented as a solution for securely storing and managing access to sensitive data, providing encryption-as-a-service and advanced data protection. Then, HashiCorp Boundary solves modern access challenges in a cloud operating model. Boundary is a secure remote access solution that efficiently safeguards access to applications and critical systems with fine-grained authorizations based on trusted identities.
Multi-Cloud Application Delivery
HashiCorp Nomad is introduced as a flexible orchestrator for deploying and managing both legacy and modern applications. It supports mixed workload orchestration, high-performance computing, and multi-datacenter deployments, providing a consistent workflow across different types of workloads.

Scale Your Cloud Operating Model with a Platform Team 

Cloud is the default choice for organizations, and the most mature ones use a cloud operating model and centralized platform teams to maximize agility, reliability, and security.

Using HashiCorp stack, platform teams deliver shared infrastructure and services enabling a cloud operating model, leading to greater productivity, frequent releases, increased stability, lower risk, and optimized costs.


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