Partnerships we are very proud of

Becoming best-in-class isn’t something to achieve by yourself – you need great partnerships with
the right vendors to help you get the most out of the things you do for your customers.

VMware is the leading innovator in enterprise software and services spanning data center to cloud to edge to device. VMware is a recognized leader in cloud infrastructure and management, hyperconverged infrastructure, digital workspace solutions, software defined networking and security, and platforms for building and running any application.

ITQ is a leading VMware services-only partner and one of the few partners globally with the VMware Principal Partner status in all areas of expertise and winner of multiple Global Partner of the Year Awards. Together, VMware and ITQ help businesses around to world to achieve their business and technology goals by creating a Digital Foundation across App Modernization, Multi-Cloud, Virtual Cloud Network, Digital Workspace and Intrinsic Security journeys.

ITQ is an AWS Select Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network, delivering professional services to accelerate your cloud journey. AWS is the leading cloud computing provider, providing a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world. Their unique partnership with VMware brings an integrated cloud offering jointly developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware: VMware Cloud on AWS delivers a highly scalable and secure service that delivers a consistent hybrid cloud infrastructure.

As a VMware Principal Partner on VMware Cloud on AWS, ITQ is uniquely positioned to successfully migrate and extend your on-premises VMware vSphere-based environments to the AWS Cloud.

Cloud Foundry is the industry-standard open source multi-cloud application platform for developing and deploying enterprise cloud applications. The foundation serves as a neutral party holding all Cloud Foundry intellectual property, and has the purpose to make Cloud Foundry the leading application platform for cloud computing worldwide. It is backed by industry leaders in IT and a spectrum of end user organizations and service providers.

As an early CF Foundation member, ITQ helps businesses around the world in accelerating their route to market by adopting Cloud Foundry.

Though ITQ is an independent partner to hardware vendors, one thing is common to all of our customers, and that is they are running on enterprise-grade and industry-standardized hardware components. Our partner Intel focusses on those components with for instance their Intel Xeon scalable CPUs, Optane SSDs and Persistent Memory modules. In our partnership with Intel, we focus on designing customer solutions and bringing the best performance possible into any type of infrastructure stack (such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructures, Software-Defined Datacenter
and High-Performance Computing).

End-User Computing (EUC) is all about User Experience (UX). Without a great UX, projects tend to fail. Having the right tools in place, gives admins, engineers, and architects all the insights needed to ensure a great UX. In our partnership with Liquidware, we utilize the power and versatility of their Stratusphere UX solution to assess customer environments for different use cases. In a design project, a workplace assessment is essential to create a sizing estimate and detect bottlenecks in the current infrastructure. We can also conduct different types of assessments like a Windows 7 to Windows 10 assessment, Office 2013 to Office 2016 assessment, or a GPU assessment to find the impact of such a change.

In today’s projects, Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) are becoming essential components when talking about Virtual Desktops. Windows 10 and modern applications (like browers, Office and Teams) expect a GPU to be present in a (virtual) system. Next to VDI projects, we see an increased demand in accelerators for Machine Learning and High-Performance Computing projects as well. NVIDIA is the market leader in the field of those accelerators and in our partnership we deliver the best GPU solution depending on the customer’s innovative use cases.