Is your business ready? Does your organization have a vision for your IT? And a digital transformation or cloud roadmap to take you there? Do your employees understand and believe in it? And will it support your business needs now and in the future?

Your IT technology might be fast and efficient, but what about your IT teams and organization? Is your IT infrastructure ready for your Business and Development teams to deliver the Agile services they need? Is your IT transformation optimized? Do you know how to keep making progress and speed things up?

Make the most out of your investments.

The ITTS team of ITQ will help you unlock your IT technology to its full potential ànd add value to your technology investments. Our expertise and experience in all kinds of  projects and IT platforms will help you to enable your managers, engineers and operators, and optimize your processes and organization.

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Implementation of NSX security

Integrate vRA into the control team

Uniformity and standardisation

“We have implemented NSX-T, but how should NSX-T control teams be used to microsegment our environment?” “We use vRA. A new version is available with functionalities we want to start using. My employees need support in the upgrade, but must be able to carry out the upgrades independently next time. After the upgrade, they must also be able to optimise the use of vRA and make the functionality available in the rest of the organisation." “For some time now we’ve been working with containers (via Tanzu) and we are trying to gradually expand this within our organisation. As the environment grows, architectural issues will also play a greater role. For example, in relation to how we can centrally safeguard managing the containers in the area of data security for instance.”

Help to upgrade to Horizon 8

Implementation of VMware Cloud Foundation

Journey to NSX

“We have been using Horizon 7 for some time now. The time to migrate to Horizon 8 is coming, but how do we approach this?” “The business thinks the time to market is too long, which is why I want to be able to use VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) to quickly capitalise on changing circumstances.” “The CISO requires a network design as per our security policy, which is why we acquired NSX. We are looking for the roadmap to a successful implementation.”

Cloud adoption

Implementation of Carbon Black

Transfer to a new workplace

“I want to offer my services to our organisation via the cloud, but this is complex and hard to manage. What's the best way for me to go about this?” “We’ve done a PoC with Carbon Black. But how can we protect our workloads and how do we get our development teams to use the product?” “How do I ensure that my newly-built workspace environment and applications will actually be used?”


A Digital Workspace is more than just technology

Simply setting up a workspace platform isn’t enough—your workspaces need to connect to your business processes, and user acceptance is paramount. Training is also essential for encouraging or preventing certain behaviors, such as for malware and phishing attempts.

You have a container platform. Now what?

A container platform is an empty shell and only part of the solution—your organization and processes need to integrate with the technology. We make sure your platform fits your organization and is accepted by everyone.

Find out what the cloud can do for you

Lots of fluffy descriptions of the cloud often miss the point. So stop reading them, and let us explain clearly what you can (and can’t) do in public cloud. We believe in solid solutions that work in practice.

Want to start your journey to the cloud?

Want to move to the cloud but not sure where to start? Move everything or just some of it? Together, we design a cloud approach to suit you.

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The Netherlands Cancer Institute

ITQ helped AVL NKI to upgrade its legacy data center to a modern software-defined data center – allowing it to more easily maximize resources, undertake more complex processing for research and modernize its workplace solution for staff. All to make sure cancer research never sleeps.

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