Use the full power of cloud applications to help your organization keep pace with market changes—and set the stage for developers to keep improving employee and customer experiences as time goes on.

Swap out rigid legacy IT for modern containerised applications that are easier to develop and evolve. ITQ can help you to set up and maintain an optimal environment for developers to boost their productivity and their ability to deliver on the IT projects that will re-shape your organization.


K8s cluster sprawl?

Can’t find your way through the K8s cluster sprawl? TKG (Tanzu Kubernetes Grid) offers a solution where all your environments use the same K8s version. We demonstrate how!

Consistent K8s across different clouds?

With multiple environments, your K8s may be inconsistent between your clouds and data center. Use Tanzu Mission Control (TMC) for uniform management, or TKG (Tanzu Kubernetes Grid) to have a single version of K8s in all your environments. We demonstrate how!

Want to develop Cloud-Native Apps?

Want to develop real Cloud-Native Apps? From two releases a year to continuous delivery? We work with multidisciplinary teams and an agile approach supported by the right tools.

Developers 100% focused on coding?

Some developers waste up to 30% of their productive time stuck on tickets getting things delivered. We can help—so you can focus 100% on coding.

How do you keep your code secure?

Want to take your code into production safely, consistently and reliably? Tanzu. Keep your K8s environment secure with Carbon Black Container Security. We explain how!

You have a container platform. Now what?

A container platform is an empty shell and only part of the solution—your organization and processes need to integrate with the technology. We make sure your platform fits your organization and is accepted by everyone.

Is your container platform complex?

Maintaining a container platform is complex—fast-changing with rapid developments and lots of tools that need to integrate with your environment. With VMware Tanzu, we create an opinionated platform (PaaS) that’s always up to date.

Idea in the morning, production in the afternoon?

Developers want to implement ideas quickly and flexibly—from an idea in the morning to production in the afternoon. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to explain how we do this!

The solutions

Dev Enablement

We empower your Dev teams to adopt modern software development practices to ensure they improve productivity and get the most out of the platform.

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Strategy and Coaching

Work with our experts to align business goals with innovation. Develop a winning cloud-native approach and technology roadmap to empower your Dev teams to innovate and excel.

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Implementation and Adoption

We help our customers build cloud-native platforms and drive adoption with efficient and secure deployments on public and private clouds to deploy apps and release features faster.

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Platform Engineering

Adopt a ‘Platform-as-a-product’ approach to building, maintaining, and scaling a cloud-native platform, simplifying operations, Kubernetes complexity, and production.

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Unique Approach

Martijn van Tol Manager Cloud Native

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