Transforming the way you build, run, and manage cloud-native containerized apps.

At ITQ, we're passionate about helping businesses succeed in the cloud-native era. Our experienced and certified experts (Cloud-Native Architects, Platform Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Site Reliability Engineers (SREs), Developer Advocates, Cloud-Native Developers) specialize in navigating the complexities of Kubernetes, microservices, and modern app development to help you leverage cloud-native solutions on public cloud platforms like Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure, as well as bringing cloud-native capabilities and solutions to your on-premises data center with VMware Tanzu.

Benefits of Cloud Native

Cloud-native has rapidly transformed the way organizations build, run, and manage their applications. These technologies, which include containerization, microservices, and Kubernetes orchestration, offer numerous benefits to businesses, from improved scalability and reliability to faster time-to-market and reduced operational costs. In particular, Kubernetes has emerged as a leading platform for container orchestration, enabling organizations to manage their containerized applications seamlessly across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. In this context, understanding the benefits of cloud-native and Kubernetes is essential for any organization looking to stay competitive and drive innovation in today's digital landscape.

Cloud-native architecture enables applications to be highly scalable, allowing them to adapt to varying workloads quickly and efficiently. Kubernetes, as a container orchestration platform, provides automatic scaling of containers and ensures that application components are always available.
Cloud-native applications are designed to be highly resilient and fault-tolerant, enabling them to continue operating even in the event of hardware or software failures. Kubernetes provides automated fault detection and recovery, ensuring that applications remain highly available and can withstand disruptions.
Cloud-native architecture allows organizations to be more agile and responsive to changes in the market and customer needs. Kubernetes enables rapid deployment of new features and updates, facilitating the continuous delivery of software and reducing the time to market.
Cost savings
Cloud-native architecture can result in significant cost savings by optimizing resource utilization and reducing infrastructure costs. Kubernetes allows organizations to run containers across a range of infrastructures, including on-premises, public, and hybrid clouds, providing flexibility and cost savings.
Developer productivity
Cloud-native architecture enables developers to focus on writing code and delivering value to customers rather than managing infrastructure. Kubernetes provides a standardized platform for deploying and managing containerized applications, simplifying the development and deployment process and improving developer productivity.

Our Expertise

ITQ is your trusted partner for all things Kubernetes and cloud-native. Our team of experts cover every aspect, from cloud-native consultancy to help build cloud-native platforms and platform engineering, microservices and 12-factor app development, DevOps and agile transformation, API-driven development and integration, enable teams in taking advantage of new platform capabilities, and more.

We're a leading VMware Tanzu partner and offer a Managed Modern Apps Service with VMware Tanzu that provides a fully managed Kubernetes platform, allowing you to focus on innovation and driving business outcomes.

Our comprehensive suite of cloud-native services includes:

  • Cloud-native consultancy and platform engineering
  • Microservices and 12-factor app development
  • API-driven development and integration
  • DevOps and agile transformation

Utilizing the latest cloud-native technologies our team designs and implements scalable and secure solutions that drive innovation and enhance developer experience (DevX). At ITQ, we're committed to staying at the forefront of cloud-native technology, ensuring that our customers are always benefiting from the latest advancements in the industry.

With our expertise we can ensure that your containerized cloud-native applications are seamlessly integrated and fully optimized for Kubernetes platforms. By leveraging the agility, efficiency, and resilience provided by container orchestration, we enable your applications to achieve maximum performance and scalability. Our team of cloud-native architects, platform engineers, developer advocates, software developers, and other experts work together to ensure that your cloud-native journey is smooth and successful.


The solutions

Our solutions are designed to help you to migrate software to cloud safely, with minimal disruption to your business and ongoing support to keep you optimizing throughout your journey

Cloud Native Skills Enablement

Cloud Native Skills Enablement partners with organizations around the world to accelerate software delivery and modernize legacy apps while reducing operational costs and risk.

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Application Navigator

The goal of cloud transformations is often a combination of the desire to be more agile and scalable while saving costs or changing investment model. ITQ uses the Application Navigator to help with this.

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Kubernetes Platform

Application containerization can lead to huge gains in your day-to-day operations—dramatically increasing the speed at which new applications are developed and launched.

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Challenges we like to solve

K8s cluster sprawl?

Can’t find your way through the K8s cluster sprawl? TKG (Tanzu Kubernetes Grid) offers a solution where all your environments use the same K8s version. We demonstrate how!

Consistent K8s across different clouds?

With multiple environments, your K8s may be inconsistent between your clouds and data center. Use Tanzu Mission Control (TMC) for uniform management, or TKG (Tanzu Kubernetes Grid) to have a single version of K8s in all your environments. We demonstrate how!

Want to develop Cloud-Native Apps?

Want to develop real Cloud-Native Apps? From two releases a year to continuous delivery? We work with multidisciplinary teams and an agile approach supported by the right tools.

Developers 100% focused on coding?

Some developers waste up to 30% of their productive time stuck on tickets getting things delivered. We can help—so you can focus 100% on coding.

How do you keep your code secure?

Want to take your code into production safely, consistently and reliably? Tanzu. Keep your K8s environment secure with Carbon Black Container Security. We explain how!

You have a container platform. Now what?

A container platform is an empty shell and only part of the solution—your organization and processes need to integrate with the technology. We make sure your platform fits your organization and is accepted by everyone.

Is your container platform complex?

Maintaining a container platform is complex—fast-changing with rapid developments and lots of tools that need to integrate with your environment. With VMware Tanzu, we create an opinionated platform (PaaS) that’s always up to date.

Idea in the morning, production in the afternoon?

Developers want to implement ideas quickly and flexibly—from an idea in the morning to production in the afternoon. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to explain how we do this!

Our unique approach in 3 simple steps

We see IT as a continuous conversation. That’s why we work with a long-term view to help you plan strategically, work efficiently and face the challenges causing the biggest impacts on your organisation.

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Step 1

Consult & Envision

We’ll work closely to develop a strategic roadmap and align our technology to your business requirements, so you can reach your goals.

Step 2

Build & Implement

Our experts will focus on implementing your chosen solutions effectively in a way that will create powerful and transformative business change.

Step 3

Manage & Improve

You’ll have consistent access to managed, reported & monitored services, as well as dedicated consulting to ensure proactive, continuous improvements with strategic improvement planning.

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