“How do I ensure that my newly-built workspace environment and applications will actually be used?”

How (the ITQ approach)

ITQ uses a thematic approach, for a smooth transfer to a new workplace. The new workplace is set up in consultation with the workplace team to optimise the user experience as much as possible. Using an application packaging method, applications are made suitable for distribution and personalisation. To achieve this, all applications go through a process of packaging, technical and functional testing, before they are brought into production. ITQ guides your employees during the transition to the new work environment through workshops and extensive communication. Once the new workplace is operating successfully, ITQ provides active after-care to support your managers.

What (result or added value):

  • Your applications are packaged independently of the control system and are provided in function groups.
  • Your application managers are capable of independently packaging applications or carrying out updates.
  • The departments are migrated to the new virtual workplace and provided with the necessary applications.
Jeffrey Kusters CTO

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