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A company’s information assets are critical to its success and reputation, making cybersecurity an essential component of any business strategy. However, managing security operations in-house can be complex, costly, and resource-intensive. By obtaining one of our security services, companies can benefit from a team of experienced security professionals, advanced tools and technologies, and best practices in security operations.

Our security service can help companies protect against cyber threats, comply with regulations, manage risks, and maintain business continuity. With the increasing sophistication and frequency of cyber attacks, a security service is crucial for organizations to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of their critical business data.

This enables companies to free up internal resources, focus on core business activities, and reduce the cost and complexity of managing security in-house. By using our security service, companies can ensure they are staying ahead of emerging threats and proactively managing risks to their information assets.

Our Managed Services

Our security service is designed to help organizations protect their information assets from cyber threats and comply with regulatory requirements. We offer a range of security services, including threat monitoring, end point detection and response, security operations reporting, threat intelligence, and security tool management. Our team of experienced security professionals help organizations to manage their risks and maintain business continuity. By outsourcing security operations to us, organizations can free up internal resources, improve their security posture, and reduce the risk of security incidents.

Managed Layer 1 & 2 SOC service
Our managed SOC service for Level 1 and 2 provides organizations with a comprehensive and proactive approach to managing their security operations. Our team of expert analysts monitors and manages security alerts and incidents using advanced tools and technologies, providing quick and effective response to threats. With SOC Level 1 analysts triaging alerts and SOC Level 2 analysts conducting in-depth analysis and investigation of security incidents, we ensure that organizations are well-protected against potential security breaches. By outsourcing SOC services to us, organizations can benefit from the expertise and resources of a specialized security provider, improve their security posture, and minimize the risk of security incidents impacting their business operations.
Managed Advanced Security
As part of our Managed Advanced Security service, we offer Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) to provide an additional layer of protection against advanced cyber threats. Our EDR solution is designed to detect and isolate security incidents at the endpoint level, helping to minimize the risk of potential breaches. With our team of experienced security professionals and advanced EDR tools and techniques, we can quickly identify and respond to potential threats, providing detailed insights into the root cause of security incidents. By including EDR in our Managed Advanced Security service, we provide organizations with a comprehensive approach to managing their security operations and safeguarding their critical business data.

Our approach


What sets ITQ Managed Services apart?

Our Managed Advanced Security service stands out from the competition with our proactive approach to security operations management, utilization of advanced tools and technologies, and team of experienced security professionals. We offer a comprehensive suite of security services, including SOC Level 1 and 2, EDR, threat monitoring, incident management, security operations reporting, threat intelligence, and security tool management, all tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our service is designed to help organizations minimize the risk of security incidents, comply with regulatory requirements, and maintain business continuity. By outsourcing security operations to us, organizations can free up internal resources, improve their security posture, and focus on their core business activities, all while benefitting from the peace of mind that comes with knowing their critical business data is in good hands.

Smooth Onboarding with ITQ Managed Services

At ITQ, we understand that every managed service has unique characteristics, and we tailor our onboarding journey to meet your needs. However, we also recognize that clearly understanding what to expect during the onboarding journey can help you feel more confident and prepared for the process. So, on a high level, here’s an overview of what you can expect when you partner with ITQ for managed services.

Smooth Onboarding with ITQ Managed ServicesBefore beginning the installation steps for EDR, a kick-off meeting should be scheduled to discuss the project scope, timeline, and any specific requirements or constraints. This meeting should include the customer’s IT team, key stakeholders, and our service delivery team to ensure everyone is aligned on the goals and expectations for the EDR implementation. Additionally, this kick-off meeting can provide an opportunity to address any potential challenges or concerns that may impact the installation process and to establish clear communication channels throughout the project. Once the kick-off meeting is complete, the installation steps can be initiated with the confidence that all parties are working towards a common goal.

1. Planning
Before installation, it’s important to understand the customer’s specific security needs and goals, as well as their IT environment and any potential limitations or challenges.
2. Preparing endpoints
The endpoints that will be monitored by the EDR solution need to be prepared by ensuring they meet the minimum system requirements and any necessary software or patches are installed.
3. Installation
The EDR software is then installed on the endpoints either manually or via automated deployment tools.
4. Configuration
The EDR solution needs to be configured to ensure it is properly integrated with the customer’s IT environment and security policies.
5. Testing and optimization
Once installed and configured, the EDR solution should be tested to ensure it is working properly and optimized to achieve the best possible performance.
6. Ongoing maintenance and updates
Regular maintenance and updates are important to ensure the EDR solution remains effective and up-to-date with the latest threat intelligence.

We love tech, but we're obsessed with your success

Managed Advanced Security has been a game-changer for our business. Their proactive approach to security operations management, combined with their expert team and advanced tools, has given us peace of mind and allowed us to focus on growing our business. Their EDR solution is particularly impressive and has helped us detect and respond to threats quickly. Highly recommended!

IT Manager in Retail Sector

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After our successful initial collaboration with the CBS, we have since started working together on various other projects as well. Some of them are now completed, such as the migration to a new workplace environment, the optimisation of the data centre, and the rollout of laptops and phones.

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Gemeente Amstelveen

As a municipality, you are bound by certain government guidelines in the field of Information Security. That is why the municipality of Amstelveen called us to implement NSX (network segmentation). ITQ has contributed to a safer working environment with this implementation.

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NorthC values being in control. As a data center, they are a 24-hour service, they guarantee there is always power and that there are always connections; that is the service to its customers. We guided NorthC in setting up its Server Park and infrastructure, knowledge transfer from VMware and post-project support.

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We assisted UWV with the migration of 100 virtual workplaces to the data centers of the new hosting partner. As a result, ITQ has contributed to the vision of UWV to make citizen support better, easier and faster.

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Gemeente Haarlem

What started as a request to provide training on mobile device management, ended up in us helping Gemeente Haarlem to roll-out a new secure Cloud Workplace to make employees more mobile, more productive and more able to serve the local community.

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