Today, every workplace can be a digital workplace, whether you work in an office, at home or in the field. We’ll help you set up digital workspaces that will help every employee to do their best work.

A cloud workspace can make it possible for employees to do productive work anywhere, on any device. They also make management and control much easier for IT staff, helping to make sure applications and devices are used with the right levels of security in place.


Login- and password clutter?

Identities distributed and shared everywhere? Connect Identity Manager for unique, centralized, identity registrations.

Run Microsoft Teams effortlessly on a Digital Workspace?

Run graphics-intensive applications effortlessly on Digital Workspaces with the latest technologies such as vGPU.

A Digital Workspace is more than just technology

Simply setting up a workspace platform isn’t enough—your workspaces need to connect to your business processes, and user acceptance is paramount. Training is also essential for encouraging or preventing certain behaviors, such as for malware and phishing attempts.

Lots of different devices on your network?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) creates a variety of devices/endpoints on your network, with company data everywhere. We use Modern Management techniques to ensure all devices satisfy certain standards without compromising user experience.

Want to onboard new colleagues quickly?

HR and IT complement each other in our Digital Workspace Environment: follow a fixed process to onboard and offboard colleagues automatically. And if a device is reported lost or stolen, IT can remove any company data from the machines remotely.

Want a modern, flexible workspace?

Employees want modern, flexible workspaces—not cumbersome, slow workspaces locked down by your IT department . Give users a personalized experience with applications on their own device. With our Digital Workspaces, they can work wherever and whenever they want.

Want a more powerful workspace?

Applications need more resources as they become more demanding. Our High-Performance Cloud Workspace is essential for guaranteeing high performance (e.g. vGPU). As a centralized workspace, it also integrates perfectly with standard solutions and is easy to manage.

The solutions

Application Management Services

Ensure your applications are always up-to-date, secure, and optimized. We handle the design, implementation, and technical management of traditional and cloud applications.

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Managed Workspace

Streamline your IT operations with our Managed Workspace solution, offering continuous support, maintenance, and optimization for a seamless work experience.

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Workspace Modernization

Elevate your work environment with advanced tools and technology, enhancing productivity, collaboration, and adaptability for modern business needs.

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Cloud Workspace

Our Cloud Workspace solution empowers employees with secure, flexible access to their apps from any device. Our solutions are based on Omnissa (previously VMware) and Microsoft 365 technology.

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