“We have been using Horizon 7 for some time now. The time to migrate to Horizon 8 is coming, but how do we approach this?”

How (the ITQ approach)

There’s much to be considered when upgrading VMware products to the most recent stable and supportive version. Working with your employees, we ensure that all products work well together and remain supported. We monitor this continually. A technical consultant and a project manager will ensure that the migration strategy is rolled out thematically during the project.

A knowledge session is the first step in informing your employees about the new functionalities. The technical consultant then maps out the baseline and sets up the migration plan. The migration plan contains all of the technical activities to ensure the migration is successful. Interoperability, the optimal sequence and dependencies of migration activities are examined. The project manager ensures that the business impact is mapped out and compiles a migration approach with your project team. If necessary, a roadmap is drafted, which includes the impact, the schedule and the roll-back scenarios.

During a ‘readiness assessment’, it is then tested to what extent your employees have the knowledge/expertise for managing and maintaining the new environment. The technical consultant can support your employees when selecting suitable training courses.

What (result or added value):

  • A migration plan is set up in consultation with your employees.
  • A training plan is set up for your employees.
Sjoerd Versteeg Account Manager

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