Cloud Native embodies an advanced approach to software development and deployment that harnesses the full power of cloud computing. It empowers organizations to build applications that leverage the scalability, flexibility, and resilience of the cloud seamlessly.

In terms of its Cloud Native proposition, ITQ has chosen Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as the leading cloud computing platform. GCP offers a vast range of cutting-edge cloud services and tools, enabling businesses to build, deploy, and manage applications and infrastructure in the cloud effectively.

Regarding cloud-native development on the Google Cloud Platform, GCP provides a comprehensive suite of services and tools specifically designed to align with the cloud native philosophy. Here are some key GCP features that support cloud-native development:

Kubernetes Engine
As an industry-leading managed Kubernetes service, GCP's Kubernetes Engine simplifies the deployment and scaling of cloud-native applications with its robust container orchestration platform. This service allows developers to manage and scale containers within the secure GCP environment effortlessly.
Cloud Functions and App Engine
With serverless computing options like Cloud Functions and App Engine, GCP allows developers to focus exclusively on writing code, eliminating the hassle of managing underlying infrastructure. These services facilitate the development and deployment of microservices and serverless applications, unlocking the true potential of cloud native architecture.
Pub/Sub and Cloud Storage
GCP's Pub/Sub, an efficient messaging queue, and Cloud Storage, a versatile object storage service, enable organizations to build scalable and distributed architectures for their cloud native applications. These services ensure optimal performance and reliability by allowing components to communicate seamlessly and securely store data.
Monitoring and Logging
Comprehensive monitoring and logging tools such as Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Logging provide real-time insights into the performance and health of cloud-native applications. They help identify issues, capture crucial logs, and streamline troubleshooting to ensure seamless operations.
Machine Learning and AI
GCP's suite of machine learning and AI services, including Cloud AI, AutoML, and TensorFlow, allow organizations to equip their cloud native applications with intelligent capabilities. These services unlock the power of data-driven decision-making, transforming applications into intelligent solutions.

In conclusion, Google Cloud Platform offers a range of services and tools purpose-built for organizations to fully embrace the cloud native paradigm. By harnessing the scalability, flexibility, and resilience of the cloud, our customers can achieve unparalleled agility, efficiency, and innovation in their application development journey.


Partnership Status

In 2022, ITQ joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program and is currently a Google Cloud Service & Resell Partner. We boast a team of 5 Cloud Architect certified professionals and 1 Cloud DevOps Engineer certified professional.

Aside from focusing on GCP's Cloud Native proposition, ITQ contributes a unique skill set to the Google Cloud ecosystem through our deep expertise in VMware technology. We assist VMware customers in extending or migrating their data centers to Google Cloud with Google Cloud VMware Engine.

Getting Started

The first step in our unique approach involves our Consult & Envision services. For Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we could begin by demonstrating the true potential of GCP through Landing Zones-these provide a secure and scalable foundation for your cloud journey.

Landing Zones are your launchpad to GCP success. They offer a standardized and manageable environment for deploying workloads and services in the cloud. Say goodbye to inconsistent setups and hello to reliable and efficient infrastructure.

At ITQ, we specialize in designing Landing Zones tailored to your organization's needs. Maximize your GCP investment, boost productivity, and fully harness the power of the cloud.

Ready for take-off? Contact us today and embark!

Martijn van Tol Manager Cloud Native

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