NorthC values being in control. As a data center, they are a 24-hour service, they guarantee there is always power and that there are always connections; that is the service to its customers.

We guided NorthC in setting up its Server Park and infrastructure, knowledge transfer from VMware and post-project support.

Due to regulations, the entire trajectory was supposed to take place remotely and be finished within 4 months. However, the collaboration and communication were so good that we were able to deliver two months earlier – to the delight, enthusiasm and great satisfaction of NorthC.

The result of our contribution is that NorthC is up-to-date in terms of knowledge and can react faster. In addition, they now also work with faster hardware. Through continuous improvement, the environment is becoming a bit safer every time.

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Key outcome:

NorthC is up2date in terms of knowledge, they now work with faster hardware and through continuous improvement, the environment is becoming safer.

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Our solutions are designed to help you to migrate software to cloud safely, with minimal disruption to your business and ongoing support to keep you optimizing throughout your journey

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Paul Legierse, Technologist ITTS at ITQ, about the collaboration with NorthC

“For ITQ, the project with NorthC was challenging in that not only did we want to get the technical details perfect, we also wanted to leave the managers with the knowledge and experience they would need: “Technology Adoption”. We built an entirely new environment with our knowledge and experience, which made it workable and manageable for the clients and a good jumping-off point for us. Collaborating with NorthC was a great experience and we can look back with satisfaction on what we have achieved together. The project went smoothly and the result is excellent, and we are proud of what we’ve accomplished!”
Sjoerd Versteeg Account Manager

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