Cybersecurity is more significant and challenging than ever. The volume and diversity of threats have increased dramatically, driven by the lucrative and professional cybercrime business model. European data protection and privacy regulations have also become much tighter over recent years.

Networks are increasingly complex and more decentralised too, bringing additional risks in terms of visibility. This is partly due to the increase in hybrid working with more external users and equipment, and new technologies such as IoT. Managing cyber threats is a challenge. And security environments often consist of a variety of different solutions, making it harder to gain a clear overview, with all the risks that entails.

A high-quality integral solution is therefore essential to properly protect your endpoints (computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets) and workloads (software, applications). The VMware Carbon Black Cloud platform offers an impressive total package for endpoint and workload protection.

Integral but separate
Visibility in all endpoints and workloads
Security with context
Comprehensive analysis to see what is good and bad
Integrated security
Simplify your existing digital infrastructure and build customised extensions

What is VMware Carbon Black and what does it do?

VMware Carbon Black is an extensive cloud-based protection platform for managing a diverse range of security features from one central environment. Look at it like a digital security equivalent to a Swiss army knife; you can achieve a lot with a mountain of valuable information.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud includes the following features:

  • Analysis of billions of security events every day. The platform identifies behavioural patterns in attacks and provides visibility into known and emerging cyber threats;
  • Managed detection offers insights into cyber threats and risks, 24 hours a day, with experienced and skilled security experts operating VMware’s SOC;
  • Audit and monitor your systems to better protect your company equipment;
  • Advanced threat intelligence features make it easier to spot abnormal activity on your network.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Benefits

VMware Carbon Black Cloud is an important tool for intrinsic protection of your endpoints, resources and containers. This versatile security solution has the following major benefits.

Context for your security

To develop a sound security strategy that correctly interprets security alerts and resolves security incidents, everything needs to be in context. VMware Carbon Black provides this. Consider prioritising specific cyber risks, for example – because not all threats or notifications are equally urgent – to reduce ‘alert fatigue’ (caused by too many false positives). Carbon Black performs detailed analyses to provide a clear picture of how well your security landscape is set up.

Integrated security

Modern IT infrastructures need to be flexible, so you can easily add new endpoints, resources and technologies to meet market and customer demands. VMware Carbon Black Cloud ensures you can build customised extensions with the right integrated security.

Real-time monitoring

Easily monitor and audit your systems and networks in real time with VMware Carbon Black, providing clear visibility in all endpoints and workloads. It helps to raise the security level for all the equipment in your organisation, including both company and personal devices (BYOD), so you can respond to cyber threats faster and more effectively.

Hardening devices

VMware Carbon Black enables you to harden devices, limiting the attack surface and making it harder for attackers to access your IT landscape.

Contact us now to start enjoying the benefits of VMware Carbon Black. Call +31 251 82 88 03 or use the contact form on our website, and our professionals will be happy to help you further.

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