Secure your critical business functions 24×7 and safeguard the continuity of your organization with our Advanced Security Systems.

Prevention, detection and automated action against threats

Your organization deserves the most advanced IT security. Cyber attacks that pose a threat to your business continuity are also advanced.

Our intrinsic security solution, based on VMware Carbon Black Cloud, protects you against the complete spectrum of modern cyber attacks using the latest generation of anti-virus software and the option to automatically deal with threats throughout your entire IT environment. Hence, this also applies for all servers and devices with access on your network.

Partner in technology and management

Combine the expanded functionalities to prevent problems before they occur, because prevention is always better than a cure. The ITQ experts can even maintain your security operations.

The solutions

Our solutions are designed to help you to migrate software to cloud safely, with minimal disruption to your business and ongoing support to keep you optimizing throughout your journey

Managed Security Operations

Confident recovery from Ransomware can save a business—have a plan to rapidly restore your critical applications, rehearse it, and choose a solution that supports your resiliency strategy.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Easily access on-demand disaster recovery, delivered as a SaaS solution, with cloud economics. Cloud native endpoint and workload protection from VMware Carbon Black. Protect your data, minimize downtime and reduce costs with optimized disaster recovery.

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Challenges we like to solve

No downtime after ransomware attacks!

If you fall victim to a ransomware attack, we use Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to give you a greenfield clean room where you can restore your “last known good”.

Secure access to your apps and data?

We deliver a protected, managed workspace with secure access to your apps and data.

Connect devices to your network securely?

A wide variety of managed and unmanaged devices connect to your network and contain company data. We use Carbon Black Endpoint Detection to connect all your devices securely.

Want to monitor your network traffic?

To protect your network, you need to know how your data traffic flows. NSX intelligence can help, and Network Detection & Response (NDR) uses NSX Security and Advanced Threat Protection to detect anomalies.

Do regular anti-virus solutions impact performance?

Regular anti-virus solutions have a big impact on performance and can be tricky to scale. VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload is agentless and protects your hypervisor layer, keeping any impact to a minimum.

Concerned about cybercrime?

Cybercrime is on the rise and becoming more complex all the time. It can damage your reputation. Let our team of experts take care of your cyber security, so you can sleep easy.

East/west is the new battleground

A fence around your network isn’t enough. With NSX, we protect the data traffic inside your data center, which is often where attacks take place. Want to find out how we can help?

Our unique approach in 3 simple steps

We see IT as a continuous conversation. That’s why we work with a long-term view to help you plan strategically, work efficiently and face the challenges causing the biggest impacts on your organisation.

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Step 1

Consult & Envision

We’ll work closely to develop a strategic roadmap and align our technology to your business requirements, so you can reach your goals.

Step 2

Build & Implement

Our experts will focus on implementing your chosen solutions effectively in a way that will create powerful and transformative business change.

Step 3

Manage & Improve

You’ll have consistent access to managed, reported & monitored services, as well as dedicated consulting to ensure proactive, continuous improvements with strategic improvement planning.

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After our successful initial collaboration with the CBS, we have since started working together on various other projects as well. Some of them are now completed, such as the migration to a new workplace environment, the optimisation of the data centre, and the rollout of laptops and phones.

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