Our core values

To us, these are recognizable values, values that really matter. They give our culture a solid foundation and they are our compass in choices and decisions we make.

Although these core values form our most fundamental compass, it does not yet reflect our culture fully. Therefore, we started to explore our culture more in depth. What makes ITQ unique and fun to work for and how can we describe it? A few brainstorm-sessions later, fuelled by pizza’s, we came up with a story we all relate to. What makes ITQ unique and fun to work for?

From all the buzzwords you can use to describe a culture, we feel the strongest connection to these words:

This is our story, defined in five cultural themes:

We are one
Trust & Freedom
Home base
the ITQer

Would you like to know more on how we proceeded? Ilona has written two blogs about her personal experience with our culture and about how you can describe your company culture in 7 steps.

You can always give Ilona Dinkgreve, our HR manager a call, read more in an exclusive interview with Arjan Bodde and Frank Nijman.

We are one, this is the heart of our organization, call it our collective force – the ITQ-force. We learn from each other and share information. We like to work together on projects for personal growth and apply best practices for our customers. The inner ring symbolizes the way we interact with each other, how we work together and how we meet for a good conversation. Sometimes in combination with a barbecue or a good glass of wine.

The ITQ-force is strengthened by other cultural themes Trust & Freedom, Home base, ITQuality and of course the ITQer.

To start with Trust & Freedom: feeling trusted with, and daring to be open and honest to each other leads to a feeling of freedom which makes our cooperation grow stronger.

This is also true for the theme ITQuality. The Q is in our name, so is the will to be distinctive. We are feeling proud when we receive an award and we want to do better every day, be smarter and more efficient.

Also very important and what puts things even closer together is the Home base feeling. Whether you are working at the office or with a customer, even when you see each other irregularly, an ITQer feels like an ITQer. And feels supported by other ITQers.

ITQers are professional nerds who bring their own unique set of characteristics & qualities, which leads ITQ to a higher level. It is precisely this diversity which makes us a strong collective.

Now we finalize our story with the outer circle. This symbolizes the way we step out as one to our customers and the community and is linked to We are one, the hart of our organization. This circle connects all together and gives us the force to be just as strong and effective on the inside as on the outside.

We are proud to be part of ITQ and we truly feel a sense of belonging! 

Ilona Dinkgreve

HR Manager

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