IT infrastructures based on hyperconverged solutions are on the rise. A hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) combines computing, virtualization, storage and networking in one central cluster. Users can easily scale in scope in line with their computing and storage resources, and these capacities become a single entity without needing a central storage system. VMware vSAN is one of the most well-known, popular and best hyperconverged solutions available. Read more about vSAN and its benefits here.

What is VMware vSAN and what does it do?

vSAN is the software-defined and enterprise-class storage platform from VMware. It’s the only solution of its type to be fully integrated in the hypervisor – other solutions use a separate virtual machine running on top of the hypervisor for each host. Gartner has named VMware as a Leader in their Magic Quadrant for HCI.

HCI based on vSAN technology allows you to combine computing and storage on one integrated platform. VMware’s HCI solution consists of:

  • vSphere, the market-leading hypervisor;
  • The vCenter server, a complete and integrated computing and storage management solution;
  • The vSAN storage solution.

vSAN ensures you no longer need to buy and manage separate storage arrays, hardware or cabling. You set policies to automatically control availability and performance, which you can customise and assign to individual VMs. And if your needs and requirements change, you can easily update your rules and policies in just a few clicks with no downtime. Techniques such as deduplication and compression improve efficiency in your storage environment even further. And for higher performance and capacity, simply add the required components to an existing vSAN cluster.

Seamless evolution to HCI
Extend virtualization to your storage with a secure hyperconverged solution that uses existing tools and integrates with your hypervisor and leading public clouds.
Cut costs
Improve your price-performance ratio with the latest storage technology on servers that meet industry standards.
Unified App Management
Manage virtual machine-based and container-based applications seamlessly, through integration with VMware Tanzu.
Flexible Deployment
Use HCI everywhere with the broadest ecosystem in the sector: 18 OEM server suppliers and native services with leading public clouds, including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

VMware vSAN benefits

VMware vSAN is the easiest route to a future-proof HCI and hybrid cloud. Take advantage of the following benefits:

Seamless evolution to HCI

Extend virtualization to your storage with a secure hyperconverged solution that uses existing tools and integrates with your hypervisor and leading public clouds.

Cut costs

VMware vSAN offers lots of cost-saving opportunities. You benefit from a better price-performance ratio with the latest storage technology on servers that meet important industry standards. IT teams spend half as much time on IT management, and your infrastructure costs are cut by 40%.

Ultimate Flexibility

Easily scale to meet your needs. You can start small with 10 VMs and 1 terabyte of storage; scaling up to thousands of VMs with lots of petabytes of storage is easy, without any huge investments.

Easy Installation

VMware vSAN does not involve any complex or time-consuming installation. You simply switch on the functionality for one or more clusters, and automatically assign vSAN to local disks to ensure the vSAN data storage is operational straight away.

Clear Management

vSAN is fully integrated with VMware Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM), APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA) and Virtual Volumes (vVols). This extensive integration has the advantage of providing visibility to all the vSAN functionality, which helps to define policies when switching on in a cluster. Integrating vSAN with vSphere and vCenter in a single HCI means you no longer need any specialist knowledge or expensive storage applications, and benefit from a scalable and secure infrastructure with optimum flexibility.

Top Security

vSAN offers a high degree of protection at both software and rack level, for example by using the software layer rather than RAID hardware to secure data, so there is no drop in performance or capacity. Defining ‘fault domains’ provides advanced security at rack level, and you also benefit from proven VMware security features such as a SOC, endpoint management and VMware Contexa – a cloud solution fully focused on threat intelligence.

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