Manage Secrets and Protect Data with HashiCorp Vault 

HashiCorp Vault provides a comprehensive secrets management solution for machines and applications, enabling platform teams to securely store and tightly control access to tokens, passwords, certificates, and encryption keys. Vault also helps protect data at rest and in transit, acts as a certificate authority, and enables identity brokering between different platforms. By enabling centralized secrets management services, platform teams can embed security considerations within the platform and deliver advanced Encryption-as-a-Service use cases.

Usual security setups do not have an automated way of protecting critical information such as passwords. With HashiCorp Vault, platform teams can create an automatic process that manages who can access information for both humans and machines.

Secrets Management

HashiCorp Vault is a secrets management tool that integrates with identity-based access systems such as Azure Active Directory to authenticate and access services and resources.

It uses policies to codify how applications authenticate, which credentials are authorized to use, and how auditing should be performed.

Vault can integrate with an array of trusted identity providers such as cloud identity and access management platforms, Kubernetes, Active Directory, and other SAML-based systems for authentication.

HashiCorp Vault works with common sources of identity to be a trusted identity broker at scale.


Platform teams should build a shared service using HashiCorp Vault to enable secure and audited access to secrets for any system, improving both security and developer productivity. Vault automates the remediation of compromised secrets with renewal and revocation workflows.


HashiCorp Vault provides Encryption-as-a-Service to simplify key management and cryptography for platform teams, enabling consistent security workflows and cryptographic standards across multiple environments. This reduces costs and solves complex problems, such as certificate and key rotation, while providing developers with a simple API and adjacent security teams with policy controls and lifecycle management APIs.

Advanced Data Protection 

HashiCorp Vault's Advanced Data Protection capability allows organizations to delegate key management to external providers and protect data in various databases using transparent data encryption. It also provides functionality for data tokenization, making it popular with organizations with high-security requirements for data compliance.

Certified HashiCorp Implementation Partner 

ITQ is equipped to offer comprehensive services to clients, ranging from solution design and configuration to deployment and ongoing support. Organizations can leverage the power of HashiCorp's tools to automate infrastructure provisioning, secure sensitive information, facilitate service discovery, and enable efficient application deployment. ITQ's certified status as a HashiCorp Implementation Partner is a testament to its deep understanding and proficiency in implementing cutting-edge cloud infrastructure solutions, providing clients with the confidence and assurance they need to optimize their IT operations and accelerate Cloud Native transformation.

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