Secure and Manage Access with HashiCorp Boundary 

HashiCorp Boundary provides a modern solution for managing human-to-machine access, reducing risks associated with credential sprawl and manual maintenance efforts required by traditional solutions like SSH keys and VPN credentials.

Traditional access workflows are manual and introduce multiple points of vulnerability to the system.

In traditional access models, configuring access to a production app can be complex and require multiple configuration layers. This approach is unsuited for cloud infrastructure, where resources are ephemeral, and IP addresses are dynamic. A modern approach should rely on verifying the user's identity and automating access and provisioning permissions to the end system.

Modern access workflows are automated and use identity as their foundation.

HashiCorp Boundary solves modern access challenges in a cloud operating model. Boundary is a secure remote access solution that efficiently safeguards access to applications and critical systems with fine-grained authorizations based on trusted identities. The product governs access across clouds, local datacenter, and low-trust networks without exposing the underlying network.

HashiCorp Boundary delivers simple and secure remote access to any system anywhere, based on user identity.


Users can securely authenticate to Boundary using their preferred identity provider (such as Azure Active Directory, Okta, AWS IAM, etc.) and be authorized to perform actions on a dynamic set of targets. Access can be granted just in time via credentials provided by Vault or another credential-management solution. This approach fits a shared services model, providing:
Identity-based access controls
Platform engineers can streamline just-in-time access to privileged sessions for users and applications. Teams can control access permissions with extensible role-based access controls.
Access automation
Platform teams can define the perimeter of resources, identities, and access controls as code through Boundary's fully instrumented Terraform provider, REST API, CLI, and SDK. They can automate the discovery of new resources and enforcement of existing policies as resources are provisioned.
Session visibility
Security engineers can monitor and manage each privileged session established with Boundary. Session logs can be exported to a wide variety of analytics tools.
Boundary can provide secure remote access to any systems and applications, regardless of the platform's capabilities.
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