Accelerate your Kubernetes journey with ITQ Managed Modern Apps Services and VMware Tanzu

Adopt the modern way of application development with ITQ Managed Modern Apps Services and power up your developers! Modern app development, using Kubernetes and self-service platforms, comes with many advantages and challenges. However, for many organizations that consider the step to full modern app development, these challenges still prevail in decision-making.

By transforming your architecture with cloud-native application development, you become more agile in response to customer demand, market trends and development of new business. Additionally, development teams become more lean and agile while also modernizing the business processes around how teams operate, communicate and develop software.

With our Managed Kubernetes we provide you with a service that helps you in your way to cloud-native app development. With a compelling set of managed services, we give you all the tools and services to make your organization more successful when developing applications. By doing so, you take advantage of the following:

  1. Decrease your Total Cost of Ownership
  2. Fix your skill-gap and add our skills to your team
  3. Increase and improve Developer Productivity

Using our Managed Kubernetes your organization, and especially your developers, can focus on what matters most; creating value for your business. Our extensive infrastructure and cloud-native experience, results in a managed platform in a turnkey-fashion, with a selection of tiers and associated capabilities matched to meet your needs wherever you are on the modern-application journey. We can do this on-premise as well as in the public cloud or on any hyperscaler.

Kubernetes adoption
Innovations follow each other in rapid succession. Keeping up as an organization is already a task in itself. Therefore, ITQ offers you a turnkey managed platform for cloud-native application development.
Cloud-native software development
We give companies and developers all the tools and practices to develop applications in a modern cloud-native way. ITQ enables you to create a secure and compliant path to production.

Our unique managed services in 3 simple tiers

ITQ Managed Services is available across on-premises datacenters and public clouds to meet customers where they are.

Swipe and compare the options

Tier 1

Rapid Kubernetes

Kickstart Kubernetes cluster delivery to your users.

Tier 2

Managed Kubernetes Service

Deliver a secure, highly available and fully self-service Kubernetes service to your business.

Tier 3

Modern Application Platform

Enable business agility with a self-service application platform that securely builds and deploys your applications, delivering a 5-star developer experience.

Kubernetes as a Service
On-demand Kubernetes Cluster
Product updates and patches
Basic Monitoring and Alerting
Managed Container Registry
Self service, Automation & Security
Managed Backup and Restore
Self Service Provisioning
Advanced Monitoring and Observability
Automation of container image management
Integrated Container Security Scanning
Developer Experience
Application Performance Monitoring
Managed Service Mesh
Self-Service Data Services
Full CI/CD automation
Rich Developer Experience
Integrated Learning Platform

Our unique approach in 3 simple steps

We see IT as a continuous conversation. That’s why we work with a long-term view to help you plan strategically, work efficiently and face the challenges causing the biggest impacts on your organisation.

More on our method
Step 1

Consult & Envision

We’ll work closely to develop a strategic roadmap and align our technology to your business requirements, so you can reach your goals.

Step 2

Build & Implement

Our experts will focus on implementing your chosen solutions effectively in a way that will create powerful and transformative business change.

Step 3

Manage & Improve

You’ll have consistent access to managed, reported & monitored services, as well as dedicated consulting to ensure proactive, continuous improvements with strategic improvement planning.


All the right skill sets

Building a modern app platform requires the right skill sets. Engineers with an automation and developer mindset. Take advantage of our experience and expertise to rapidly adopt a modern-application platform and development practices.

Idea in the morning, production in the afternoon; Finally!

Developers want to implement ideas quickly and flexibly - from an idea in the morning to production in the afternoon. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to explain how we do this.

Carefree platform management

Maintaining a container platform is complex - fast-changing with rapid development and lots of tools that need to integrate with your environment. With ITQ Managed Modern Apps Services, we take care of the set-up and maintenance so you are assured of a carefree platform.

Developers 100% focused on coding!

Some developers waste up to 30% on their productive time stuck on tickets getting things delivered. We can help - so you can focus 100% on coding.

Martijn van Tol Manager Cloud Native

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