Accelerate your Kubernetes journey with ITQ Managed Modern Apps Services and VMware Tanzu

With our Managed Kubernetes service, your organization and especially your developers, can focus on what matters most; Creating value for your business. By doing so, you take advantage of the following:

  1. We take care of the platform engineering, lifecycle management of Kubernetes, tooling and integration of the stack and its components.
  2. Fix your skill-gap and add our skills to your team.
  3. Decrease your Total Cost of Ownership.

Power up your developers and exploit all the power of Kubernetes and modern application architectures. ITQ provides you with a head start in adopting modern applications in your organization to enable you to face contemporary and future development challenges and respond to your user’s needs with greater agility.

Choose the offering which you think suits your organization best: 

Our unique managed services in 3 simple tiers

ITQ Managed Services is available across on-premises datacenters and public clouds to meet customers where they are.

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Tier 1

Rapid Kubernetes

Kickstart Kubernetes cluster delivery to your users.

Tier 2

Managed Kubernetes Service

Deliver a secure, highly available and fully self-service Kubernetes service to your business.

Tier 3

Modern Application Platform

Enable business agility with a self-service application platform that securely builds and deploys your applications, delivering a 5-star developer experience.

Kubernetes as a Service
On-demand Kubernetes Cluster
Product updates and patches
Basic Monitoring and Alerting
Managed Container Registry
Self service, Automation & Security
Managed Backup and Restore
Self Service Provisioning
Advanced Monitoring and Observability
Automation of container image management
Integrated Container Security Scanning
Developer Experience
Application Performance Monitoring
Managed Service Mesh
Self-Service Data Services
Full CI/CD automation
Rich Developer Experience
Integrated Learning Platform

Using our extensive infrastructure and cloud-native experience, we will deliver a managed platform with a selection of tiers and associated capabilities to meet your needs wherever you are on the modern-application journey.

Take advantage of this compelling set of managed services designed to significantly lower the bar around adopting cloud-native application development and the platforms and services needed to make your organization successful. We can do this on-premise, in the public cloud, or on any hyperscaler.

Why should you leverage on ITQ Managed Modern Application Services: 

    1. Ease of Deployment and Management: One of the primary benefits of a managed Kubernetes service is the simplicity it brings to the deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters. Instead of setting up and configuring your own Kubernetes infrastructure, a managed service handles the underlying infrastructure for you. This means you don't need to worry about provisioning servers, installing Kubernetes, or managing upgrades and patches. ITQ takes care of these tasks, allowing you to focus on developing and deploying applications.
    2. Access to Expert Skills and Best Practices so you can focus on your core business: Benefit from bridging the skills gap effortlessly with ITQ Managed Modern Application services and gain access to a wealth of expert knowledge and best practices. ITQ will be responsible for lifecycle management and keeping up with Kubernetes version updates and patches. We will monitor and troubleshoot cluster health and performance, manage persistent storage and data migration strategies, and ensure security compliance and vulnerability management. You can leverage on ITQ to coordinate application updates and rollbacks, scale cluster capacity to meet workload demands, and manage user access and RBAC policies. We let you focus on your core business and innovation while we take care of your infrastructure- and platform management.
    3. Fortified Security and Compliance: Strengthen your defenses and ensure compliance with ease. ITQ Managed Modern Application Services offer best of breed security and compliance oversight. Benefit from ITQ’s expertise in implementing robust automated security measures, safeguarding your applications and data. Regular updates, backups, disaster recovery, default policies and dedicated monitoring ensure a secure and resilient infrastructure. Stay ahead of the curve with continuous learning and adapt to ecosystem changes effortlessly.

    Embrace the power of ITQ Managed Modern Application Services to get your Kubernetes clusters deployed, access expert skills, and fortify your security. Let experts handle the intricacies while you drive your business forward with confidence. Success awaits as you harness the potential of managed Kubernetes services.

VMware Validated Service Offering

The VMware Validated Service Offering badge means that our solutions have been reviewed and approved by VMware for both technical and functional integrity. When you see this badge, you can be confident that the service is reliable and aligns with high standards set by VMware. It’s a straightforward indicator of quality, underscoring the solution’s capabilities.

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The solutions

Kubernetes icoon-wit

Modern Application Platform

ITQ Managed Modern Apps Services implements a modern application platform that includes powerful networking functionality through the use of a service mesh, deep observability features with integration to a fully-featured APM toolkit, and a complete supply-chain-in-box.

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Kubernetes icoon-wit

Managed Kubernetes Services

Do you want to enable business agility with a self-service application platform that securely builds and deploys your applications, delivering a 5-star developer experience? This Managed Services adds self-service and enhances the Kubernetes services, making it production-ready, highly secure, and reliable.

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Kubernetes icoon-wit

Rapid Kubernetes

Deliver Kubernetes clusters to your users quickly with ITQ Managed Modern Apps Services. Our entry-level service includes core capabilities, and takes care of installation, configuration, and support based on the ITQ Validated Design.

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Kubernetes icoon-wit


ITQ Managed Modern Apps Services gives developers all the possibilities, knowledge and support to develop applications in their own, modern way with a self-service platform.

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Kubernetes icoon-wit

IT Leadership

ITQ Managed Modern Apps Services takes away the pain of managing and ensures that you can offer developers the opportunities/possibilities to develop software in a modern and future-oriented way.

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