Do you want to enable business agility with a self-service application platform that securely builds and deploys your applications, delivering a 5-star developer experience?

Everything from Rapid Kubernetes.

This level of ITQ Managed Modern App Services (MMAS) adds self-service and enhances the Kubernetes services, making it production-ready, highly secure, and reliable.

Our unique managed services in 3 simple tiers

ITQ Managed Services is available across on-premises datacenters and public clouds to meet customers where they are.

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Tier 1

Rapid Kubernetes

Kickstart Kubernetes cluster delivery to your users.

Tier 2

Managed Kubernetes Service

Deliver a secure, highly available and fully self-service Kubernetes service to your business.

Tier 3

Modern Application Platform

Enable business agility with a self-service application platform that securely builds and deploys your applications, delivering a 5-star developer experience.

Kubernetes as a Service
On-demand Kubernetes Cluster
Product updates and patches
Basic Monitoring and Alerting
Managed Container Registry
Self service, Automation & Security
Managed Backup and Restore
Self Service Provisioning
Advanced Monitoring and Observability
Automation of container image management
Integrated Container Security Scanning
Developer Experience
Application Performance Monitoring
Managed Service Mesh
Self-Service Data Services
Full CI/CD automation
Rich Developer Experience
Integrated Learning Platform

Self-service, Automation & Security

Self-service lets ITQ MMAS platform users provision their own clusters without needing a support ticket.

Hardened Clusters
Hardened Kubernetes clusters are expertly designed environments that prioritize security and stability for your container orchestration needs. These clusters empower your team with a robust platform, ensuring the resilience and reliability required for mission-critical applications.
Managed Backup and Restore
ITQ MMAS offers a managed data backup and recovery self-service dashboard for teams using deployed applications with associated persistent-volume claims. While it is best to handle backup at the application level, sometimes it is necessary to backup persistent data at the raw volume level.
Self Service Provisioning
Self-service is a capability of the ITQ MMAS Platform that allows users to provision clusters on their own through a self-service interface, without having to rely on raising a support ticket.
Automation of container image management
Experience seamless container image management with ITQ IMMAS automation, effortlessly integrating popular Helm chart building blocks into your cluster. Take charge of your container images' lifecycle while ensuring your team utilizes only approved images in the environment. Unleash the power of efficiency and control with ITQ MMAS container image management solution.
Integrated Container Security
ITQ MMAS implements a comprehensive solution designed to safeguard your container environment by scanning images for vulnerabilities and compliance. It e ensures robust security and streamlined risk mitigation, enabling your team to confidently deploy and manage containers.
Self-Service Data Services
ITQ MMAS provides full automation for provisioning databases, backups, security patches, and periodic updates of the data service engine. The ITQ MMAS Service team takes care of all aspects of the lifecycle management.

Our unique approach in 3 simple steps

We see IT as a continuous conversation. That’s why we work with a long-term view to help you plan strategically, work efficiently and face the challenges causing the biggest impacts on your organisation.

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Step 1

Consult & Envision

We’ll work closely to develop a strategic roadmap and align our technology to your business requirements, so you can reach your goals.

Step 2

Build & Implement

Our experts will focus on implementing your chosen solutions effectively in a way that will create powerful and transformative business change.

Step 3

Manage & Improve

You’ll have consistent access to managed, reported & monitored services, as well as dedicated consulting to ensure proactive, continuous improvements with strategic improvement planning.

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