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Barcelona, 8 november 2022

This morning, ITQ announced their new managed service: ITQ Managed Modern Apps Services to over 5.000 VMware enthusiasts at VMware Explore 2022 in Barcelona. This new Kubernetes-based Managed Services portfolio, powered by VMware Tanzu, is designed to simplify and accelerate cloud-native application development.

ITQ aims to enable companies to adopt Kubernetes and modern application development practices, by offering a turn-key platform experience. By doing so, ITQ enables organizations to leverage our extensive and deep experience in both the VMware ecosystem as well as our cloud-native domain knowledge.

A unique approach in 3 simple tiers

ITQ removes the barriers many companies face when trying to adopt a modern approach to software development. “We offer our ITQ Managed Modern Apps Services in three simple tiers that provide value to companies immediately” says Martijn van Tol, VP Cloud-native at ITQ. “By adopting our services, we power up development teams and enable them to exploit all the power of Kubernetes and modern application architectures. This provides companies with a head start in adopting modern applications in their organization and enables them to face contemporary and future development challenges and respond to your user’s needs with greater agility. No matter where on the modern-app journey you are, we have a solution that matches and addresses your needs.”

With our managed modern app services, we take care of the platform engineering, lifecycle management of Kubernetes, tooling and integration of the stack and its components. By doing so, organizations and especially their developers, can focus on what matters most; Creating value for their business and/or end users.

Our tiered services serve both IT leadership and developers in their way to a sustainable and efficient cloud-native application landscape.

ITQ Managed Modern Apps Services for IT Leadership

ITQ Managed Modern Apps Services takes away the pain of managing and ensures that Central IT can offer developers the opportunities/possibilities to develop software in a modern and future-oriented way.

By using our managed services platform, ITQ enables organizations to rapidly deliver a production-grade container platform. Companies will take advantage of all the tools and practices to develop applications in a modern cloud-native way. More information on ITQ Managed Modern Apps Services for IT Leadership can be found here.

ITQ Managed Modern Apps Services for Developers

We run all the code, so developers don’t need to care how. ITQ Managed Modern Apps Services delivers a platform experience that takes care of infrastructural concerns, so developers can focus on what is most important; writing fantastic code.

Our platform offers a 5-star Developer experience to developers and a fast and secure path to production. More information on ITQ Managed Modern Apps Services for developers can be found here.

Discovery session to find fit with your needs?

Starting today, we offer companies a free discovery session to find out if Kubernetes and our ITQ Managed Modern Apps Services can be an asset to your company. Please schedule a session with our experts and start your discovery journey to modern application development.

Robert Kloosterhuis Technologist Modern App Platforms

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