BARCELONA, November 8, 2022 – Today, ITQ announced the initial availability of ITQ Managed Modern Apps Services with VMware Tanzu. ITQ delivers professional services, support services, and managed services around the entire VMware Portfolio. VMware Tanzu is designed to simplify and accelerate cloud-native application development.

“We hear two things consistently when talking to customers across all segments – application modernization in a multi-cloud landscape is a top priority for all, and there is a massive skills gap when it comes to building and managing these cloud-native apps and platforms,” said Ajay Patel, senior vice president and general manager, Modern Apps & Management Business Group, VMware. “We are excited about this new offering, as ITQ has experience delivering successful business outcomes in DevOps and app modernization and are trusted experts to help deliver an end-to-end managed service focused on building scalable app platforms that deliver business outcomes our customers need.”

ITQ offers a tiered approach with three fully managed tiers designed to meet customers where they are on their app modernization journey. ITQ builds and maintains the modern application platforms inside the organization of its customers and takes away the heavy lifting of technical integration, Day 2 operations such as lifecycle management, and more. ITQ provides full proactive support, so customers are always ready to address their business needs.

“ITQ Managed Modern Apps Services have been designed around the customer needs we are seeing in the market today,” says Robert Kloosterhuis, Technologist for Cloud-Native at ITQ. “We reduce the complexity and challenge of adopting modern application platform technologies, such as Kubernetes, by offering a compelling set of managed services to our customers that help kickstart the adoption of cloud-native development practices.”

Key benefits for customers include:

  • Get started quickly and easily with Kubernetes and modern application development.
  • Alleviate the burden of managing complex technology by outsourcing modern application platform management and engineering to ITQ.
  • Maintain security and compliance with an always up-to-date platform, monitoring, and integrated container security.
  • Offer a great developer experience with self-service and the right balance between freedom and control.
  • Bring developers to the next level by leveraging ITQ’s value-add cloud-native consultancy add-on services.

“Our Modern Apps Services proposition is all about the enablement of developers, both technically (by simplifying and automating the consumption of Kubernetes and modern supply-chain tooling) as well as through skills and practice, where we can help your teams take the next step towards cloud-native software development,” says Martijn van Tol, VP Cloud Native at ITQ. “Our tiered approach provides an easy entry path and makes consumption of a modern-app platform both fast and approachable while at the same time being ready to keep fulfilling your development needs as your cloud-native development practice grows and expands.”

Read more about today’s news in the accompanying release blog post here.

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About ITQ

ITQ is an End-to-End IT solution provider in EMEA with a strong focus on VMware and its ecosystem. ITQ has a rich history in infrastructure, digital workspace and cloud-native technologies. Today, ITQ delivers multi-cloud solutions for Cloud Infrastructure, Modern Apps, Digital Workspace, Advanced Security and IT Transformation. ITQ combines Professional, Support, and Managed Services into a full journey approach (Consult & Envision, Build & Implement, and Manage & Improve). Key technology partners include VMware, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and HashiCorp. For more information, please visit our website.

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Robert Kloosterhuis Technologist Modern App Platforms

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