As a municipality, you are bound by certain government guidelines in the field of Information Security. That is why the municipality of Amstelveen called us to implement NSX (network segmentation). ITQ has contributed to a safer working environment with this implementation.

Gemeente Amstelveen had a tight deadline of two months, which could not be deviated from. During the project, we ran into unforeseen problems with the software, creating an unstable situation and jeopardizing the deadline.

We reassured the municipality of Amstelveen that we would not deliver before all problems had been solved and everything would work properly. We succeeded, because that is what we aim for at ITQ: go for that extra mile and the full satisfaction of our customers.

Due to Covid, the guidance and support has mainly taken place remotely, but due to the personal contact and the good cooperation with Gemeente Amstelveen, we have been able to deliver the quality we stand for at ITQ.

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Key outcome:

With the introduction of network segmentation, there is now a safer workplace environment that complies with government guidelines.

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Maarten Warmenhoven, Account Manager ITQ, about the collaboration with Gemeente Amstelveen

“It is great to see that their value has been clearly demonstrated by providing the client with complete peace of mind regarding this specialised security solution. ITQ could work with us to envision, create, design and implement the management of the project, and also afterwards during the follow-up phase, for maintenance and further development. The project targets were met in order to demonstrably improve security for the following periodic inspection. The deadline was such that we had no room for any extensions and had to deal with any unanticipated tasks immediately to avoid delays. Dozens of Municipal Councils rely on VMware support through ITQ both during and/or after office hours, and we are always available to you. ITQ has taken on the project management, leadership and responsibility for the success of the project on behalf of Amstelveen Municipal Council. To this end, the daily communication, monitoring of the progress and mutual cooperation were crucial. Now that the project has been completed and delivered, the ITQ support organisation will continue to support the employees from the service desk and to work with them on further developments."
Remon Koumans Business Development Managed Services

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