After our initial successful collaboration with the CBS, we got the opportunity to work together on other projects as well. The now completed projects include the migration to a new workplace environment, the optimisation of the data centre, and the rollout of laptops and phones. Our specific VMware knowledge has helped the CBS to increase its learning capacity.

The vision of the CBS is to further develop the work platform and make it more secure and more practical for the developers to work with. ITQ has implemented the VMware products in a way that adds real value for the users. As such, the consistently new and improved VMware products combined with ITQ’s expert knowledge have contributed significantly to the implementation of CBS’ vision.

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Key outcome:

The CBS digital workplace is now safer, more secure and more workable for developers.

The solutions

Our solutions are designed to help you to migrate software to cloud safely, with minimal disruption to your business and ongoing support to keep you optimizing throughout your journey

Used solutions

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Ellen Poel, Account Manager at ITQ, about the collaboration with the CBS:

"Since 20018, CBS and ITQ have been working together very closely. We always get plenty of scope to discuss IT-related challenges with managers of various departments and, as a result, we have pretty much covered the entire VMware stack. Our contact with the CBS is always very pleasant and open, with short lines of communication. Being involved in the IT modification trajectories that the CBS want to realise right from the word go has been extremely motivational and energising. It allows us to assume the role of partner and advisor instead of just being suppliers. As many projects run simultaneously and we have been building up a considerable history and shared knowledge over the past five years, ITQ holds weekly account meetings during which all project managers, consultants and account managers give each other updates. This is how we maintain the proper focus and make sure that everyone is kept informed on the main activities throughout the various departments as much as possible. It also shortens the transfer time from the CBS as people are often already up to speed. In retrospect, it is extremely gratifying to see how services and processes within the CBS are now so much more efficient and improved and how much knowledge has been shared (from ITQ consultants to CBS engineers). I believe this is what real teamwork is all about, resulting in a great success of which both organisations can be proud."
Ellen Poel Account Manager

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