VMware has bold ambitions with Kubernetes

And this is why we chant Tanzu too!

VMware is historically known as an infrastructure and virtualization company. Over the last couple of years, the world moved on, shifting to cloud consumption patterns and products, and solutions higher in the stack such as container-platforms such as Kubernetes and application platforms like Cloud Foundry.
To cement its grasp on the container market, VMware acquired Heptio in 2018, home of two of the original Kubernetes creators and a powerhouse of container knowledge. But, it did not stop at infrastructure. Modern business is striving to use IT as best as possible, resulting in serious demands on developer productivity. With the acquisition of Pivotal in 2020, VMware bought a company fully attuned to businesses and developers worldwide.

Legend has it, in the early days following these acquisitions, VMware executives of the newly formed business unit were in some sort of séance where they sat in a circle holding hands, chanting “Tanzu, Tanzu, Tanzu!”.

Ever since, the product portfolio has been rebranded under ‘Tanzu’. On March 11th, a launch event took place in which all the plans where presented. In the other article in this newsletter you can find all the ways these can help you and your organization.

With the introduction of new products and solutions comes a new way for knowledge partners like ITQ to prove they can deliver new services surrounding them. Therefore, the new Cloud Native Master Services Competency (MSC) was announced at the end of last year.

ITQ has been investing in Cloud Native and partnering with Pivotal since 2015, long before the aquisition by VMware. Therefore, we already offered services in the areas of application modernization, cloud native platforms, and containerization for years. We help customers design, implement, and manage their Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry platforms, and help them identify and modernize application portfolios to run on these platforms. The new MSC is a great way for us to showcase these capabilities.

We expect the first partners obtaining this new MSC will be announced at Empower, but we can already share we will be among them as one of the first handful of partners worldwide. As a result, we will also be among the few partners worldwide to acquire all current MSCs, proving we are yet again one of the leading worldwide VMware knowledge partners.

Robert Kloosterhuis Technologist Modern App Platforms

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