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Applications are core to today’s successful digital transformation efforts, enabling our customers to deliver personalized digital experiences to their customers. Our customers are increasingly modernizing their applications to compete effectively and embrace the full potential of cloud environments. The challenges customers face are how to empower developers to deliver better software faster while still enforcing security and operations. To fully benefit from their investments in modern applications, customers also need to simultaneously modernize their infrastructure.

With the Modern Apps launch in March of this year, VMware is introducing the newly expanded VMware Tanzu portfolio for modern applications, and VMware Cloud Foundation 4 with Tanzu, the automated, turnkey hybrid cloud platform that now supports both traditional VM-based and container-based applications featuring the new VMware Cloud Foundation Services using Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and the new VMware vSphere 7 to drive developer productivity.

With the most comprehensive software stack for modern applications, spanning application to infrastructure, VMware is uniquely positioned to enable and guide customers to develop new modern applications as well as modernize existing applications and infrastructure.

Applications Down, Infrastructure Up

When the mission is to build and run modern applications at scale, it’s important to understand the key challenges that both developers and operators must overcome to increase productivity in these fast-paced DevOps environments. Application (developers) and Infrastructure (operators) teams often have very different perspectives and as a result, they tend to operate in silos. This creates a chasm that introduces friction, which is the kryptonite that throttles productivity, causing the teams to seek alternatives.

Developers view the world from an ‘applications down’ perspective, focusing on the sole task of building and running container-based applications using a unique set of services, tools, registries, and APIs. For these developers to be effective, infrastructure and their Kubernetes runtime should be abstracted into a set of services and delivered on-demand completely self-service via APIs.

The infrastructure team on the other hand, views their environment from the ‘infrastructure up’ into the applications. The operators are tasked with integrating Kubernetes into their existing infrastructure components, operational procedures while maintaining all of the controls for governance, security, and compliance. Without the proper infrastructure, tools, and services, the admins are forced to break the operational process to address the developer’s requirements.

Before VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu, these complex Kubernetes systems operated as separate environments with all of the networking and security mechanisms handled in a ‘one-off’ fashion. These container orchestration systems are integrated into existing IT processes for service delivery. Because these systems lack the proper levels of compliance, automation, and orchestration, developers are forced to use existing IT ticketing systems, creating additional friction causing the app teams to seek alternatives.

Introducing VMware Tanzu

From a strategic standpoint, VMware has made several key acquisitions (Pivotal, Heptio, Bitnami, Carbon Black to name just a few) to complete the product and solution portfolio to directly address the challenges of both developers and operators. The Modern Apps launch is a direct result of integrating these solutions (introduced last year as “Project Pacific”) into a full suite of products that enable organizations to Build, Run Manage, Connect and Protect the thriving ecosystems that are driving these modern applications.

VMware Tanzu: Application Modernization

Tanzu Application Catalog – Tanzu Application Catalog delivers a customizable selection of open source software from the Bitnami catalog that is verifiably secured, tested, and maintained for use in production environments. The service gives developers the productivity and agility of pre-packaged apps and components while enabling operators to meet the stringent security and transparency requirements of enterprise IT.

Tanzu Build Service – Consistently create production-ready container images that run on Kubernetes and across clouds. Automate source-to-container workflows across all your development frameworks.

Tanzu Application Service – Formerly known as Pivotal Application Service. This all-in-one platform provides a great developer experience for delivering applications at speed while taking advantage of the cloud.

Tanzu Observability – Tanzu Observability by Wavefront provides metrics-driven analytics at a massive scale, enabling you to get the most out of your modern apps. It offers unified visibility for all teams—of both developers and operators—to improve code running in production across multiple clouds at scale.

VMware Tanzu: Infrastructure Modernization

vSphere 7 with Kubernetes – With vSphere 7 with Kubernetes available through VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware delivers embedded Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service for fully compliant and conformant Kubernetes capabilities for containerized applications.

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid—A complete, easy-to-upgrade Kubernetes runtime with pre-integrated and validated components. It can run consistently across your data center, public cloud, and edge to offer a unified experience for all development teams.

Tanzu Mission Control –Tanzu Mission Control is a centralized management platform for consistently operating and securing Kubernetes infrastructure and modern applications across multiple teams and clouds.

Want to know more about the VMware Tanzu portfolio and how it helps with the challenges facing your digital transformation effort? Reach out to us and learn more about the possibilities of the solutions in the VMware Tanzu portfolio.

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