Remote Deployment

Successfully execute your important VMware projects remotely.

With current developments, it may be a natural reaction to put project-based IT innovations on-hold for the time being. This is an understandable first response to what is currently going on. While there can always be valid reasons to justify such a choice, our extensive experience as a VMware consultancy allows for a great deal of remote activities.

Modern solutions make interactive and virtual collaboration easy. A project kickoff, a joint design session or a final presentation about : they can all be planned and executed remotely. Our consultants usually no longer enter physical data centers at all, so installing, upgrading or further optimizing your VMware environment can also be done remotely. Facilities within Microsoft Teams or Zoom, for example, ensure that work can be carried out remotely and under your supervision.

IT is a vital process within almost all companies, so make sure your important IT projects are not unnecessarily delayed and convince yourself of the possibilities of successful project-based, remote collaboration.

How can we help?

  • Thanks to our worldwide collaboration with VMware, our specialists already have a lot of experience with remote, project-based collaboration.
  • A timely implementation of important innovations within your VMware environment.
  • We offer remote day-to-day support, so your IT organization can concentrate on projects and support your business.

Would you like to know more or speak to one of our specialists, please contact ITQ and we will help you realize solutions!


Wonder how we can help you remote, so you can focus on your business? Contact me and I’m happy to tell you more about the possibilities.

Tom Vallons

Managing Director ITQ Leuven

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30 March 2020