Beverwijk, 22 December 2023. ITQ is proud to announce its takeover of CAM IT Solutions (CAM). CAM was previously part of KPN Health and is responsible for the development of daily management of the IT platforms for a large number of hospitals in the Netherlands. CAM also supplies its clients with software-defined data centres, healthcare-oriented digital workplaces, application management and security services.

ITQ occupies a strong and reputable position in relation to all VMware competencies, along with in-depth knowledge of related technology areas, such as Microsoft, Google, AWS, HashiCorp and NVIDIA. ITQ originally cut its teeth in consultancy services and, in recent years, has invested in managed services solutions for its clients. CAM started out in managed services and uses VMware technology as an important basis for providing managed services. By combining forces, ITQ enhances the innovative capabilities of CAM, and in return, CAM reinforces Managed Services provided by ITQ.

Robert Hellings, ITQ CEO: “We have a broad approach to supporting our clients through strategic advice, consulting and MSP services. The services that CAM provides its customers are a perfect fit in our provision of MSP services, which is an important part of our strategy.” Robert Hellings continues: “CAM’s scale, coupled with ITQ’s business insights and consultancy strength, provide an excellent starting point to reinforce our combined managed services and welcome new clients. This means that the current CAM propositions will acquire a prominent role in our existing organisation, and we welcome the CAM employees into our fold.”

In recent years, ITQ has helped more than 400 organisations with innovating their IT platforms, in which the competencies in the areas of Multi-Cloud, Cloud-Native and Digital Workspace are fully deployed to bring about client successes. ITQ’s vision for the coming years is to intensify its growth in Europe (since 2018, ITQ has expanded to Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and France) and broaden its managed services.

Hellen Jukkema, CAM CEO: “Both CAM and ITQ are strongly represented in the healthcare field, particularly within hospitals. Now that we are combining forces, services will be strengthened, making it more attractive for clients to outsource workplace care. By adding professional services to the range of services we provide, we are increasing the value for our clients. The quality of the services we provide will increase as a result.”

From January 2024, the takeover will be in effect, and clients will be proactively guided through the options and possibilities created by this new combination.

About ITQ

ITQ is an End-to-End IT solution provider in EMEA with a strong focus on VMware and its ecosystem. ITQ has a rich history when it comes to infrastructure, digital workplaces and cloud-native technologies. ITQ currently delivers multi-cloud solutions for Cloud Infrastructure, Modern Apps, Digital Workspace, Advanced Security and IT Transformation. ITQ combines Professional, Support and Managed Services into an overall approach. Its key partners include VMware, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and HashiCorp. For more information, visit our website and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.


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