We now live in a time where a Digital Workspace is very important and is increasingly seen as necessary. Many people and companies do their work from a home working environment, but Digital Workspaces are also very important in the office. But how do you deal with it now? Setting up a Digital Workspace can raise many questions. How do you engage with end users and their work processes? How do you roll out a Digital Workspace in the departments without hassle? How do you run and change a Digital Workspace platform, e.g. a Horizon upgrade? These are all topics organizations can encounter. Do you recognize any of these questions? The ITQ Readiness Service for your Digital Workspace will help you answer these questions!

Based on our experience and proven Digital Workspace approach, ITQ knows the migration towards an End-User Computing platform or Digital Workspace exceeds a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). The technical part is clear, but what about the business and people & process part? For example, do you recognize these questions and scenarios from your End-User Computing project?

  • How do you repackage the current used applications into modern apps?
  • How do you align a Digital Workspace with the current IT admin team(s)?
  • How do you change a traditional workspace admin team into one agile team and/or with managed service support?

With our Readiness Service for End-User Computing we find answers to these questions with you. We start with an intake and discuss what needs to be achieved for your challenges.

We kickoff and organize a discovery workshop with all relevant participants. We work collaboratively, review analysis from the discovery workshops with the key participants. After this, we prioritize recommendations and create a remediation roadmap.

Finally, we present an executive presentation with a remediation plan for high priority gaps. We make sure you achieve buy-in for the process and organizational optimization and we present organizational capabilities, readiness levels and tangible process capability targets.


Want to know more? Please feel free to contact us for a free intake, we are happy to help!

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Technologist ITTS

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Readiness Service for a Digital Workspace

Are you struggling with the implementation and acceptation of a Digital Workspace within our organization? We can help you to understand which areas in your organization need to be addressed for accelerated and successful adoption of a Digital Workspace. With that knowledge, we create a prioritized, high-level roadmap to optimize roles, teams, processes and organize agility. We add recommendations based on our best practices, so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Interested? Please download and read our readiness service for a Digital Workspace here!