Students are always on the move on campus, studying wherever it suits them. Fortunately, our experts are on hand to offer a solution that ensures they’re never restricted by technology—with access to all the applications and data they need on any device.

There are many challenges facing university IT helpdesks and administrators, such as creating an infrastructure that can handle all aspects of a modern campus, making applications available on any device via any portal, and ensuring students can pick up work at home from where they left off. Modern businesses rely on access like this every day. We’re sure you’ll benefit from it too.

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Our experts love IT. So they’ll enjoy working closely with you to understand every single aspect of your system—creating a strategy that ticks all your boxes, with technology that empowers administrators to secure data, reduces costs, and never restricts teachers or students. This could be anything from providing secure remote access to collaborative research, to delivering digital content to students. All while ensuring robust data security.

One size doesn’t fit all

VMware solutions offer educational institutions the scalability, agility, and trusted security they need. You can easily extend your on-premises data center capabilities to the Cloud, reducing the time to deploy services. Or create your own bespoke Cloud to guarantee always-on access. Or even make educational resources accessible from any application or device. Whatever you need, we’ll design the perfect solution for you.


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