Reasons to virtualize the entire workspace environment, the so called digital workspace (DW), are everywhere: e.g. the larger demand for access to apps on any device, faster and easier LCM on OS and apps. And, naturally, a secure platform to protect the apps, data and have a 24/7 access, anywhere and any place for your employees. And just let’s be clear: a transformation to a DW is more than creating a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Let’s push fast forward now and assume the (technical) project was a success and you are ready to start your DW Pilot with users. We witness companies experiencing difficulties here. Issues regarding application packaging, implementing security policies and have the right operating model in place. I will zoom into the latter.

Let’s have a look at the impact of the DW on the IT organization:

  • Introducing the possibilities for virtualization, also means introducing more automation and Self-service, so processes are changing and need to be automated. Where to start and what can be expected from the current support team?
  • The DW platform comes with a high rate of change. Suppliers deliver new updates and functionalities at a fast pace. The world is changing and your users have rapidly changing needs and expectations as well. How does your support team stay up to date and does it feel comfortable to keep improving and updating the DW environment continuously, instead of every quarter or half year?
  • Large, distributed, and mobile user communities of DW services become available. Is your support team used to interact and participate in such a virtualized ecosystem?

That’s quite a different way of working for the DW support team. Therefore, this team automatically needs to adjust its operating model. The easiest way to adopt this kind of influences on your support team is a change in mindset. Traditionally, a support team is used to work with a focus on the devices e.g. implement a new laptop series, migrate to a new OS, or secure the latest mobile phones, and so on. And they are always chasing the bad on devices with virus scanning tools. A DW support team has a user focus and is only protecting the good i.e. users and data. The device becomes less important for a DW platform, so there is more time left to spend on:

  • Real interaction with business teams. This means a conversation on what is really needed for more productivity.
  • Supporting self-service and one-stop shopping. Click and play, like you’re on your tablet at home.
  • Monitoring of full DW stack and start proper pro- and reactive measurements.
  • Optimizing automation levels.
  • Invest frequently in technical and soft skills.
  • Take full ownership and leadership in supporting the full DW stack.

Do you want a more deep dive on how we assist in Healthcare, Financials and municipalities to change their operating model, please contact me on [email protected] or read interesting articles here.

Paul Legierse Technologist ITTS

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