‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’, famous words spoken by Winston Churchill in the mid-1940s as we were approaching the end of World War ll. Churchill was one of the driving forces behind the alliance that would lead to the formation of the United Nations, creating opportunities in the midst of a crisis.

At the time I’m writing this blog, we’re about 7 weeks deep in the Belgian lockdown and the security council will be starting to execute on the exit-scenarios soon. The solitude we’ve been living in the last couple of weeks and the uncertainty of what the future will bring, makes me think a little bit of what war time could feel like. Without people shooting themselves, that is, and acts of violence limited to people insulting each other on social media and other platforms, right accusing left, left calling right idiots and a very stable genius advising people to drink bleach…

At ITQ we did not need the Corona crisis to empower our people. We’ve always had a company culture that stimulates responsibility and entrepreneurship with our people. I don’t care where my dream team of consultants perform their magic, as long as they can work efficiently, they are delivering the value their customer is expecting and that customer is satisfied with the quality of the results. We provide the team with the trust, the tools and freedom to drive their own success.

But, prior to Corona, there were still a lot of companies that were not (or hardly) allowing their employees to work remotely. With the lockdown measurements taken by the Belgian government, and remote work becoming the norm (for those roles that allow remote work), those companies were forced to do so, willy-nilly.

Get ready for the new normal

If anything good comes out of this Corona-crisis, then this might be it : the management teams of a lot of those companies have now experienced that allowing their people to work from home, does not have to be a bad thing. On the contrary, it might be a way to stimulate people. By trusting them, they will be empowered to become more productive and more efficient.

Sure, by the next pandemic wave, they need to make sure to be better prepared for it, by implementing technology that better supports remote work and by defining guidelines to frame the playing field of flexible work.

We can help you!

Remote workspace : our EUC consultants are passionate about the VMware technologies that will empower your workforce, VMware Workspace ONE and VMware Horizon, and are at your service to help you. And don’t worry, even if you’re not sure how to approach this, we can first help you by defining/refreshing your digital workspace vision and tailor an action plan to put it into practice together.

Remote deployment : periods of uncertainty are often a trigger to put investments or project decisions on hold. That doesn’t have to be the case! A lot of deployments can actually be done remotely. The last 2 months, almost the entire ITQ team of consultants has continued to work on their assignments, remotely. This is true for projects with all kind of VMware technologies : automation projects with creation of workflows,  design and deployment of software defined networking, end-user computing projects, … you name it. We can help you avoid that your projects get delayed any more.

Remote support : during these Corona times, you might encounter some additional support challenges, or maybe not have enough hands available to tackle issues. ITQ can also help you here.

In summary:

1-This is the time to show your people you trust them and stimulate them. Make sure flexible and remote work becomes a priority!

2-Even in uncertain times, you can beat your competition by stepping on it! Don’t hold back on your projects, but investigate if you can execute them remotely.

Think in possibilities, not impossibilities! The ITQ team will be happy to help you.

Tom Vallons, Managing Director, ITQ Consultancy

LinkedIn @tvallons @Itq_Belux

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