We have invited all enthusiast of EUC technologies to this webinar in which Johan van Amersfoort will dive into a hot topic called Zero Trust, but from an EUC perspective. He shared why it is essential to focus on employee experience when designing such a complex security model, including industry insights and nice demos!

At the end of the session, we have offered the possibility to virtually get in touch with Johan van Amersfoort, Technologist EUC & AI at ITQ and author of the VDI Design Guide and the VDI Design Guide part II. The VDI Design Guide Part II continues where part I ended and takes you on a journey through use cases such as VDI by Day, Compute by Night, Virtual Reality, and Gaming. Johan also shared what impact the global pandemic had on EUC, both from an employee perspective, as well as an IT perspective.

Johan has released his PowerPoint slides for those interested to look back and read. These and the recording of the slides can be downloaded with the button below.

Johan van Amersfoort Chief Evangelist

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