Our hand-picked IT specialists are at the heart of our service to customers. People who live and breathe IT. Through years of experience, they’re able to make the very best of your IT infrastructure, no matter what stage it’s at. Working with you, they’ll discover the best way to start, grow or virtualize your business.

Why choose ITQ

We know that the only way to keep pace with the future is to focus on disruptive innovation and become an enabler for change.

It’s why we’re passionate about technology and its power to enable progress. So we stay on the forefront of emerging technology. Especially those that create bold new possibilities and disrupt the status quo. We will always bring the future to you and become a catalyst for innovation.

How we work

Knowledge is a founding pillar of our business. For us, it gives us our edge and keeps us at the forefront of our industry.

It’s why we invest heavily in our specialists, growing their knowledge and expertise so they can provide an even better service to you. By keeping up with the latest thinking, we can give our customers a competitive edge. That’s in essence how we work. Taking the knowledge we learn to enrich our client’s organization.

We implement the known and explore the unknown.


Knowledge is key for our existence. This knowledge we use for disruptive innovation and changing organizations. Are you ready for change?

Francisco Perez van der Oord


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What we do

We deliver Professional Services, Support Services and Managed Services around the entire VMware ecosystem virtualization technology. Using this advanced IT, we can create and maintain IT environments our clients can be proud of.

To make this happen, we give our clients clear advice on IT design, health checks, update services, amongst many more, and help with implementation too. But what really sets us apart is our specialists’ deep knowledge in cutting-edge IT solutions. Subjects such as End-User Computing, Software-Defined Data Center, Hybrid Cloud, IT Transformation Services and Cloud-Native Apps. Knowledge that’s ready to work for you – whenever you need it.

Company Profile

Read all about our philosophy and our DNA here.

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Francisco Perez van der Oord

My name is Francisco Perez van der Oord. Owner and founder of ITQ. Feel free to contact me, even after five o’clock.

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We’re a diversely experienced team of IT specialists. With a deep knowledge across many industries, we’re experts at finding the most effective solutions. Put us to the test.

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