Remote Support

Remote support for your complex IT issues

IT infrastructure has become more important than ever before, which is putting more pressure on maintenance and support. This involves challenges such as rolling out security updates and scheduling maintenance, while the environment must remain available. We can support you remotely with these support issues.

How can we help?

  • Together we can determine whether patches, updates or upgrades can be performed without disturbing you.
  • Our specialists can also perform this type of work for you, so that your IT teams can focus on supporting the organization.
  • We can dive into your (virtual) environment together with your IT specialists to check matters such as capacity, possible (performance) issues and overall health.

Of course, there are more options and we can also offer support if there are problems with staffing. Would you like to know more or speak to one of our specialists, please contact ITQ Sales and we will help you realize solutions!

Thom Vessies CCO / Sales & Marketing Director

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