Wijk aan Zee, June 13th, 2017 – Effective immediately, Hans Vessies, a long-trusted member of the ITQ Advisory Board, will take the floor as Financial manager (CFO) for Professional Service Provider ITQ: an essential step to accommodate the autonomous growth of ITQ and to make sure the financial health is keeping up with this pace. ITQ is growing rapidly both in employees and clients, due to its independent advice, excellent knowledge and a firm partnership with VMware.

Paul Legierse, currently CFO for ITQ, will focus on expediting the new business unit ITTS (IT Transformation Services). ITTS, started successfully in 2016, assists IT organizations to develop a vision and plan to keep up with a continuous changing digital world where disruptive changes can alter a business model overnight. ITTS makes sure business goals are met and supported by IT, keeping the business ahead of the competition. This proposition turns to be a very successful addition to ITQ’s existing business units: Software-Defined Datacenter (SDDC), End-User Computing (EUC), Hybrid Cloud (HC) and Cloud-Native Apps (CNA).

Paul Legierse will remain a member of the ITQ management, as the appointment of Hans Vessies is meant to be temporary, allowing Paul Legierse to expand the success of ITTS.

About ITQ

ITQ, the Dutch independent VMware knowledge partner, specializes in professional services around the VMware product portfolio and its ecosystem. Aiming to help customers accelerate and facilitate their business by optimizing the use of virtualization technology, ITQ’s areas of expertise include End-User Computing, Software-Defined Data Center, Hybrid Cloud, Cloud-Native Applications and IT Transformation Services.

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