So earlier this year I made the decision to join ITQ and timing is just fantastic. My first week on the job is joining them in VMworld in Barcelona for my 4th year here. We are here with 40 (!) people, an unmatched commitment from a partner.

And then to top all that off, my new boss, Franscisco, gets the interview slot at the partner general session, being put forward as the example for other partners.

This year is one of the first times I arrived on the Sunday, and that gives some nice opportunities I did not have before, such as going to the infamous vRockstar party on Sunday evening. I ended up that evening at the Opium club, which might have been a tactical mistake. I ended up paying for it the next day 😉

As usual my week is way too filled. While I would love to see more breakout sessions, its often far more valuable to network and meet up with the movers and shakers in VMware, and the community.

An event I always try to visit is the VMware Inner Circle luncheon, which gives a unique opportunity to speak directly to many of the VMware leadership and provide direct feedback on all kinds of aspects of what VMware does.

This year I am also helping the Tech Level Up project, which produce the vTrail Map guide. This is an amazing little guide to the community, which is especially useful for people just coming into the community for the first time, or want to make that step into the wider tech/VMware world.

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