This year at VMworld my focus will be to learn more about NSX and VMware Cloud on AWS. Below you’ll find a selection of sessions that I’ll try to fit into the agenda:

vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep Dive: Part 2

Frank Denneman and Niels Hagoort

Today’s focus is on upper levels/overlays (software-defined data center, VMware NSX), but proper host design and management remains the foundation of success. These new “overlay” services present a new consumer of host resources. Ironically, it’s the attention to these abstraction layers that returns us to focusing on individual host components. This talk delves into CPU (nonuniform memory access) and memory configuration and zooms in on how virtual networking influences virtual machine configuration and host design. We will show you a collection of command line tools that provide you with unparalleled insight into the behavior of resource consumers (virtual machines) and providers (hosts). This information contributes to optimal scaling decisions and allows you to right-size your virtual data center to achieve consistent performance.

What’s left to say about this session, book it before it is full! A true deep dive so don’t forget to bring your scuba gear.

vCenter Performance Deep Dive

Ravi Soundararajan and Priya Sethuraman, Director

Your cloud infrastructure relies on VMware vCenter to allow you to rapidly create virtual machines and applications and also support emerging workloads. The default settings work well for many, but there is no one-size-fits-all configuration. In this talk, we describe how vCenter works and provide performance tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your infrastructure. We first dive into vCenter internals and describe tools for performance profiling. We next describe factors that influence operational latency, concurrency, resource usage, and UI performance. We discuss multi-vCenter deployment models and performance of features like linked mode and vCenter high availability and consider the impact of VMware NSX, VMware vSAN, and vROps. Finally, we look ahead to future architectural directions like the hybrid cloud.

This is one of my favorite sessions that I try to attend every year to learn about the newest tips and tricks to get the most performance out of vCenter.

Ask the Experts – Titans of Tech

Kit Colbert, Duncan Epping, Josh Gwyther, Chad Sakac and Rick Scherer

Celebrating our 10th year we hope to continue the success as one of VMworld’s Top 10 Rated Sessions. This is an unscripted session where the audience is in control. Ask your questions to our distinguished panel of technologists who are shaping where the industry is going, learn about what drives their excitement for technology, while having some fun in the process. No powerpoints, No sales pitches, No holds barred.

I like these panels session, why? The reason is already described in the description of the session: “No powerpoints, No sales pitches, No holds barred” so let’s get it on!

NSX and VMware Cloud on AWS: The Path to Hybrid Cloud

Ray Budavari

VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware NSX allow you to leverage the scale and agility of public cloud without radically changing your existing operational model. This session demonstrates a practical customer path toward this new model, starting from a full on-premises virtualized architecture and evolving to a hybrid solution that provides consistent networking and security, seamless scalability, workload migration, and access to native AWS.

My focus area’s this year are NSX and VMware Cloud on AWS so this one ticks all my boxes.

VMware Cloud on AWS Ready: Preparing Your Environment for the Best VMware Cloud on AWS Experience!

Brian Graf

VMware Cloud on AWS is the newest addition to VMware’s hybrid cloud strategy, allowing customers to run workloads in VMware environments within Amazon’s AWS data centers. Come discuss with us tips and steps to make onboarding into this hybrid cloud quick and simple. We will discuss topics such as environment prereqs (depending on your use cases), architecture decisions, and onboarding strategies. See you there!
I have seen Brian present before at VMworld and I always liked his sessions. So this session about VMware Cloud on AWS is definitely on list.

Managing Your Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS

Frank Denneman and Emad Younis

This session will discuss how to prepare your current managed On-Prem vSphere environment for VMware Cloud on AWS. We’ll cover how the hybrid cloud model will enhance your current management tools used in day to day operations, these include content library, the vCenter Server Appliance, and more. Also, what challenges lie ahead to managing a hybrid cloud at scale.

The Top 10 Things to Know About vSAN

Duncan Epping and Cormac Hogan, Director

In this session, Cormac and Duncan will go over the top 10 things to know about VMware vSAN, starting from the design phase to benchmarking and even the operational aspect! Ever wondered what happens when you click rebalance? Should you do this once a week? Does it make sense to have two or more disk groups versus a single disk group? Stop wondering and sign up!

A session from Duncan and Cormac about vSAN… Just listing to these guys talk with passion they have for vSAN is for me a reason to attend. But my oh my it’s is already full and I’m on the waiting list already! So hurry up and pray that they will get a bigger room 😉

All Extreme Performance Series :

Extreme Performance Series: Monster VM Database Performance
Extreme Performance Series: vSAN Performance Troubleshooting
Extreme Performance Series: vSphere Compute & Memory Schedulers
Extreme Performance Series: Performance Best Practices
Extreme Performance Series: Byte-Addressable Nonvolatile Memory in vSphere
Extreme Performance Series: Predictive DRS—Performance and Best Practices

These Extreme Performance series are just simply superb, very technical but very educational.

Hope to meet you guys in any of the VMworlds!


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