In 2018 we began a new exciting engagement at ViaData to deliver the newest products available from VMware. We are proud to be the first partner in the Benelux to deploy a VMware Cloud Provider Pod at a VMware Cloud Provider Program Partner (VCPP). ViaData is a flexible, independent and knowledgeable expert in the field of ICT infrastructures, Datacentres and Field Management Services located in the northern part of The Netherlands.

So what is this new product, you might ask? The VMware Cloud Provider Pod or in short CPOD is a software-bundle that makes it possible to deploy a VMware-based cloud that is in adherence with the VMware Validated Designs for Cloud Providers. It automates a full Cloud Provider Stack deployment and can be extended to provide custom provisioning needs. The VMware Cloud Provider deployment delivers are a full set of documentation that is customized especially for the customer’s needs.

Before the engagement started the customer was very clear about their goals to achieve with this new platform. There current platform based on VMware Cloud products was suffering from a lot of performance & capacity issues and it took a lot of manual steps to complete relatively simple tasks. They also wanted to expand their serviceability with a web portal that is available to the customers.

Luckily the Cloud Provider Pod is perfectly suited to resolve these issue because of the time-to-value and keep it as simple as possible, by using the VMware Validated Design standards. The CPOD is also perfectly suited to focus on service quality and differentiation, resulting in better customer experiences, growth, and retention.

The web portal is provided by a well-known product in the VMware Eco-System, vCloud Director. vCloud Director has been the heart of VMware service-provider world since the first release in august 2010 and combines web functionality and API functionality to the customer. We have automated two use cases for ViaData for delivering IaaS services to the customers.

In the near future, the customer is able to expand the platform to multiple datacenters and also to Hybrid Cloud Offerings like VMware Cloud on AWS or even other VMware Cloud Provider Program Partners.

On 26 September 2019, our ITQ event called Transform will have a session about the VMware Cloud Provider Pod. An engineer from the customer and the ITQ Architect will cover there experience surrounding the first delivered VMware Cloud Pod in the Benelux.

After the session, there is room to talk with the customer about there Cloud Provider Pod experience and talk about there current service offering.

We hope to see you there!

Francisco Perez van der Oord Founder

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