VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC on AWS) has been on the market for roughly three years now. The global adoption of the hybrid cloud solution is growing rapidly. VMC on AWS has brought numerous innovations to the platform and customers now have a wide range of options to efficiently and effectively migrate or extend to AWS, without having to change the applications, skills, tools, or operational procedures. The success of the VMware and AWS partnership is evidently visible in all major cloud providers now offering a VMware Cloud solution.

VMware Cloud on AWS now available for smaller customers

VMC on AWS has been really successful in helping larger enterprises accelerate their cloud journey. For smaller customers, like many customers in the Benelux market, the price of entry to VMC on AWS has been fairly steep. In a full TCO analysis, the return on investment is exceptionally good, but in practice, the cost for VMC on AWS often adds to the already existing cost of the existing IT environment (unless customers are replacing large portions of their on-premises data centers with VMC on AWS). To make VMC on AWS accessible to smaller customers, VMware has been investing heavily in lowering the price of entry for VMC on AWS, and they recently launched two exciting options.

  1. VMware Cloud on AWS 2-Host Cluster
    For business-critical workloads, a minimum of 3 hosts was required. VMware already offered a non-persistent Single Host option for proof of concept and test purposes, but that single host is deleted automatically after 30 days. With the ability to now spin up a 2-host cluster, customers can get started with VMC on AWS environments at up to 33% lower cost of entry than a full production 3-host offering. 2-host cluster supports a range of enterprise workloads such as Disaster Recovery Pilot Light and VDI. Thanks to the elastic nature of the solution, customers can easily and rapidly scale out 2-Host clusters when needed. If you are looking at AWS as a public cloud, VMware Cloud on AWS provides the perfect gateway to bridge the gap between your data center and AWS, especially with the 2-Host Cluster option now available. Please reach out to Jeffrey Kusters if you would like to learn more.
  2. VMware Cloud Director Service
    For customers looking for an even smaller footprint, VMware Cloud Director Service offers a flexible and agile entry point into VMware Cloud on AWS. As a VMware Cloud on AWS Managed Service Provider, ITQ will be able to leverage VMware Cloud Director Service to deliver a multi-tenant platform to customers:
  • This allows ITQ customers to consume bite-sized, fully isolated pools of resources on a shared VMware Cloud on AWS cluster. This means our customers no longer have to consume and pay for a dedicated VMC on AWS cluster anymore.  This pay-as-you-grow model aligns better with the needs of many small to mid-size enterprises. If you see the value of creating a consistent infrastructure across your VMware data center and AWS using VMware Cloud on AWS, but your footprint is small and you don’t need a dedicated cluster, please reach out to Mike Janssen. Mike can explain everything about the upcoming ITQ Multi-Tenant Cloud Service, powered by VMware Cloud Director Service.

VMware Cloud on all Public Clouds, including Microsoft Azure!

With VMware Cloud, customers can literally deploy any app on any cloud using a consistent cloud infrastructure and consistent operations. This has been a VMware long-term strategic goal and VMware has now fully executed on that strategy. VMware Cloud is now offered on all major public clouds: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and even Alibaba Cloud.

Microsoft Azure is the most dominant public cloud provider in the Benelux market, and we see many of our customers venturing out into Azure. Azure VMware Solution, which was recently launched in its 2nd evolution as a first-party service fully managed by Microsoft, is perhaps most exciting.

Imagine migrating your workloads consistently to Azure VMware Solution over the weekend and unlocking the full potential of Azure by integrating native Azure services directly. Talk about accelerating your cloud journey!

Do you want to extend your VMware data center into Azure to accelerate your cloud journey? Ask Jeffrey Kusters to explain the benefits of using Azure VMware Solution instead of trying to take on the monumental task of replatforming/refactoring directly to Azure’s native IaaS.

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