Make sure to mark June 1st 2023 in your agenda, if not already done so! VMUGBE UserCon will take place that day, at the Event Lounge in Brussels. And it’s going to be an awesome day: interesting agenda, great speakers, compelling experiences sharing and an incredible community of likeminded getting together again. 

We, at ITQ, are so enthusiastic about the event that we want to shout out and tell you why.

ITQ loves the community, that’s why it’s a no brainer for us to be a Platinum sponsor for VMUGBE UserCon, as well as VMUGNL UserCon, German VMUG UserCon and VMUG UserCon France.

At ITQ, we all embrace this passion for technology and are not shy about sharing our knowledge with each other and the community. Testimonial are our 34 vExperts and contributors in every vExpert subprogram. 

We are very proud that we’re given the opportunity to contribute to this event with several speaking slots (ref overview below) and a booth aka (v)Expert bar, where we’d love to welcome you all to share experiences and ideas.

So why attend VMUGBE Usercon 2023?

First of all, Kristof, Maarten and Jens (the VMUGBE leadership team) have pulled together a list of speakers that is stunning: international heroes, including but not limited to Michael Coté, Frank Denneman, Niels Hagoort and Johan van Amersfoort, as well as many local heroes. They also invited science communicator Jeroen Baert as special guest speaker. Check the full list of speakers here.

Secondly, have you seen the kick ass agenda already? You can find the full agenda here but allow us to highlight some of the sessions :

The one and only Michael Coté will deliver the opening keynote. Make sure to beat traffic, score a coffee and take your seat before 9h30 to kickstart the day.

Most people still know where they were when President Kennedy was shot, when the Belgian Red Devils beat Brasil in the World Cup football, and when they witnessed their first vMotion. Niels Hagoort will explore new developments that help to increase vMotion performance, lower stun times and show how vMotion is one of the key enablers for VMware’s Multi Cloud approach!!

This year, we have decided to focus the ITQ sponsor slot at VMUGBE on sharing some of our experiences in the cloud native space and more specifically about managed Kubernetes using TKG and AVI: Deploy Tanzu Kubernetes Grid in vSphere with one command and under one hour (or two). Not a commercial, but a technical session including demo, of course! In this session Kushtrim Morina & Jan Ebrard will present briefly and demo our approach for deployment of Tanzu Management Cluster, Shared Services Cluster and Workload Cluster in one hour (or two) using automated tools.  We will use the next level automation around Tanzu Kubernets Grid deployment using cutting-edge world of cloud-native tools as Tekton for  pipelines,  Hashicorp Terraform for deployment of infrastructure, VMware Carvel packaging for managing packages, and last but not least BASH scripting.

There can be no VMUG without community speaking slots. And there are many interesting sessions, too many to all mention in this blog, so let’s highlight two of them.

  • José Cavalheri and Michaël van de Gaer will be sharing their experiences about Aria Automation. So, if you are considering transitioning from vRealize Automation 7 to Aria Automation 8, want to find out more about how features contribute to successful automation projects, or you have questions about your use cases and how Aria Automation can benefit in your organization, this is definitely the session to attend.
  • Johan van Amersfoort, our EUC Technologist/veteran is a recurrent speaker at VMUGBE. This time, he is coming back to Belgium to discuss 7 steps to successfully build a Digital Workspace for Developers. If you know Johan, you know this session will be crammed with exciting demos. Check out our interview with Johan at VMUG Netherlands here

And a closing keynote with a very interesting (and funny) guest speaker, Jeroen Baert – comedian, computer scientist, nerd, who will answer questions like ‘What are metaverses, where do they come from, and why did we hear so much about them? … And how do we separate the actually interesting topics from hype and bullshit?’.

Last but not least, there would not be a successful event without an amazing audience: YOU, the Belgian vCommunity! 

We are looking forward seeing you and welcoming you at the ITQ booth / (v)Expert bar to share interesting stories and have some fun. We will organize a pinball contest “Who is the ITQ’s Pinball Wizard?” and the winner will get a nice Lego set at the end of the day!

Tom Vallons Strategy Officer

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