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ITQ is doing well. Really well, actually.

On my return flight from the USA, I’m writing this and I feel proud: ITQ just received the Award for ‘being the best VMware Professional Service Provider (EMEA)’. It’s just one of the many things I’m proud of: ITQ has an excellent team, working on great projects, satisfied customers, and many more experts joining the company, deepening our knowledge.

I like to think about the ‘why’ of it all. Why is ITQ successful? When aren’t we? I never come up with the definitive answer, but these thoughts provide me insights to this nagging ‘why’-question. I keep in mind “it’s all about progression, it’s not about perfection”. I love that quote, but I do aim for perfection, rest assured. Maybe it’s our strategy? Or our culture? Well, I always say “culture eats strategy for breakfast….”. I know, I’m cutting corners, but there might be a truth here.

Culture. Whatever it defines, I’m still proud we’ve been able to retain it. Ever since 2001, we’ve been true to our identity and our principles. From the start, we knew “our knowledge is without any doubt our most important asset”. It became a strategy: knowledge is captured in our practices, but its core resides in our team members. Sure, we enable development, we invest in education, and we see potential, only apparent to the keen observer. But at the end of the day, individual members of ITQ make a difference on their own. Technology is progressing fast and it’s causing disruptive changes, but it’s also pretty consistent. However, a client’s story never is. Nor is the level of adaptation to new technologies. Each and every of our consultants face different challenges with different specifics on a daily basis, but always with these values in mind: they take ownership and they want only the best result for the job.

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Our new website is live!

Let’s start off with exciting news. The last couple of months, our team has been working really hard to take the ITQ  website to the next level. On our new website you will find information about our company, our team and of course our services. But as knowledge is our most valuable asset, we wanted to create a platform in which that knowledge is aggregated. And so, the Knowledge Hub was born. Take a look at our new site and let us know what you think.

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We are the best VMware Professional Services partner in EMEA

In the previous news letter, we mentioned that we won two VMware Benelux awards. We have more exciting news! A couple of weeks ago, our CEO, Francisco Perez van der Oord was invited to join the VMware Partner Leadership Summit (PLS) in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California. During PLS, VMware hands out awards to their most valued partners. And this year, we we’re one of the winners!

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Interview with Paul Legierse about IT Transformation Services

Since our first IT Transformation Services engagement, we knew one thing for sure: this is the only successful way that customers are certain that their plans for Digital Transformation can be executed. As the popularity of our service grows, Dutch IT Channel Magazine has published an interview with the founder of the IT Transformation Services, Paul Legierse.

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Meet our new Chief Financial Officer

You might have noticed it on our social media channels, since last months our team has been extended with Hans Vessies. Hans is wel known by our management team as he was already involved at ITQ as our financial advisor. With Hans as our CFO, we are going to make sure that Paul Legierse is able to focus on the growing popularity of the IT Transformation Services team and service.

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Are your ready to join Team ITQ?

We are always looking for great people to join our team. People with a shared passion for technology. People who are ready to take their own career to the next level and join our awesome team of best-in-class specialists. Are you up for the job? Check our careers page and make sure you get your own chair on our new website.

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Our consultants share their knowledge by writing blog posts. Find some of their blog posts here.


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