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Visual Februari 2016

Transformation – keeping the pace

Is speed the new currency? A few weeks ago, I had an interesting conversation with Gartner and a few clients where we discussed this. Over the past weeks, I’ve read a lot of information about this new ‘currency’, talked to people and gave it some thinking. Sometimes, a topic gets hold of you and won’t let go, right? From documents by organizations such as Philips, Dell and Salesforce that I’ve been allowed to read, I gather this is a topical subject for others as well.

Speed is a key factor when executing any transformation project: how fast can you go from idea to production? Whether it’s functional, infrastructural, or offering new possibilities to end users: everybody wants their new technology yesterday. Here lies a danger: too much speed often results in cutting corners and the need for rework. In fact, I’m interested in controlled speed, to be able to deliver new technologies in a fast and efficient way while still respecting requirements. Furthermore, it’s important to realize how strongly speed and costs are connected; not only by the hours spent on a change, but also the Return On Investment (ROI). Nowadays, hardly anyone has the time or budget for a four-year business case with a transformation time of 1,5 years.

The key to keeping a high pace is having a clear vision on your organizational goals. Aligning your business and IT strategy allows you to make the right fundamental decisions. While some organizations need to plan for growth or downsizing at any moment, other organizations just require the enablement of growth. It’s essential to take small steps towards your goals, to keep the ability to make adjustments along the way. Nowadays, the variables are so many and diverse, it’s almost impossible to determine which developments will affect you 12 months from now, be it positively or negatively. In other words: design for change.

Elaborating on the subject of speed and transformation, ITQ is hosting a round table event on March 10, focusing on End User Computing/Business Mobility. We have invited Brian Gammage as a guest speaker to share his ideas. We will cover questions like: “How can we offer end users the tools needed to maximize their daily efforts delivered with the right user experience, flexibility and security?” and “How are you solving problems with legacy applications?”.

Due to current technology, I think it’s possible to answer such questions and implement solutions at a much higher (but still controlled!) speed than organizations were used to over the last decade. If you’re interested in attending this round table session, send an email to [email protected].


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Digital Transformation Conference

The EMC Federation, a strategic alliance of technology organizations, including VMware, will host its first joint conference tomorrow. This event, focussing on digital transformation, will revolve around optimally making use of technological developments to allow businesses to grow and thrive. ITQ will be attending; hope to see you there!

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ITQ has been growing and traveling fast! So fast, we need some extra brains and hands. Our mission for the time to come is to be the number one. We already have lots of innovative and crazy ideas, but we can’t reach the stars without your talent and enthousiasm. Let’s make the extraordinary happen… We are ready to beam you up!

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Round Table End User Computing & Business Mobility

We love to get inspiration from events and partners, and we especially enjoy sharing this inspiration. That’s why we will be hosting an exclusive round table event on the 10th of March. We will discuss the evolution of IT operations and management, as well as some customer cases revolving around the optimization of Profile Management, User Experience and Application Delivery. Interested?

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vmwareEUC scoops

Today, VMware is making announcements about their digital workspace vision and technologies in an online Breaking News Event. For those of you who, like us, are interested in the latest news on VMware’s One Cloud, Any Application, Any Device architecture for IT: register here. As a strategic partner, we had the privilege of previewing some of the newest technologies. So starting tonight, don’t forget to:

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