ITQonversations VMworld 2021 Day 1 - 'Tanzu Community Edition Announcement' by Jeffrey Kusters, Field CTO at ITQ and Robert Kloosterhuis, Consultant at ITQ.

Yesterday 4th October, Joe Beda announced Tanzu Community Edition (TCE) at the VMware DevOps Loops conference. TCE is a fully free and open-source edition of VMware’s Tanzu Kubernetes Distribution.

Explore and Download TCE here:
Join The Tanzu-Kubernetes-Edition Slack channel at
Tanzu Mission Control Starter Edition:

For more information on TCE at VMworld 2021, attend the following sessions:
Explore New VMware Tanzu Frontiers [APP1482]
Get VMware Tanzu Up and Running in 10 Minutes on Your Local Workstation [DEM3166]
Testing Tanzu on the Desktop [CODE2759]

Attend Robert's own VMworld session 'CODE 2780: The State of the TKG Art', we he compares and explains the different versions of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid. To attend Robert's session, please find it in the schedule builder using this link:

'CODE 2780: The State of the TKG Art' is part of Code Connect 2021, a VMware side-event hosted by the VMware{code} community.
For a full list of sessions, see:

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