ITQonversations – KubeCon 2024 retrospect with Johan van Amersfoort (Chief Evangelist at ITQ), Michael Meelis (Platform Engineer at ITQ), and Carlos Mestre del Pino (Platform Engineer at ITQ).

Kubecon 2024 is done and dusted and let’s talk about the gems that are uncovered. Join Carlos and Michael as Johan starts up a conversation with them, on the highlights from the beautiful city of Paris. The conversation starts off showing some new swag from ITQ, moving into an impressions of past Kubecon’s and the growth we see compared to the current one. Of course we have all seen the amazing interviews that the team has published here on youtube, but it’s even better too look back on the ITQ’ers on stage in Paris. Beside all of this we can’t forget our customers who have joined us on this Journey and discuss where the future is taking us by addressing the AI elephant in the room. We close of by shouting out to the Devopsdays meetup that ITQ will host and Michael will do his Platform Journey session as a speaker.

00:00 – Intro
01:47 – Swagalicious
03:43 – Ramping up participation
06:11 – Interviewing heroes
07:46 – ITQ on stage
08:37 – Customer centric
11:00 – A.I. everywhere
12:05 – Devopsdays Amsterdam

Enjoy our #ITQonversations and see you on the next one.

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