ITQonversations VMworld 2021 Day 3 - 'A SDDC overview at VMworld 2021' by Dennis Lefeber, Consultant at ITQ and Richard van Dantzig, Consultant at ITQ.

In this video, Dennis and Richard give you a quick overview for SDDC announcements at VMworld 2021. Topics which have been covered in this video;

• VCF has becoming mainstream, multi-cloud will become the de-facto standard operating model for VMware. Therefor the sessions have become less technical and has moved to a added-value/business level.

• NSX announcement overview (What’s New in NSX-T [NET2354])
○ Prescriptive NSX install and consumption.
○ Advanced network monitoring and troubleshooting.
○ Multi-cluster policy enforcements across VMs and containers .
○ Enhanced migration coordinator for V to T migrations.
○ Tapless NTA, sandboxing, NDR and Elastic Gateway firewall.
○ Distributed security without network changes and policy automation.

• Project Artic:
○ “vCenter server on steroids” for multi-cloud environments
○ Integrates with:
- VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, to recover fast after a ransomware attack.
- Other VMware Cloud Services.
○ Related VMworld 2021 session: How vSphere Is Redefining Infrastructure For Running Apps In the Multi-Cloud Era [MCL2500].

• Project Ensemble
○ “vRealize suite on steroids” for multi-cloud environments.
○ Related VMworld 2021 session: Introducing Project Ensemble Tech Preview [MCL1301]

• For on-premise environments:
○ VMConAWS outposts: fully managed on-premise VMConAWS experience
○ VMware Edge computer stack: purpose build stack for small scale VM and containerized environments on the edge
○ Project Capitola: “Software Defined Memory” optimize workload placement on different memory tiers.
- Introducing VMware Project Capitola: Unbounding the “Memory Bound” [MCL1453]
○ Project Monterey:
- Introduced at VMworld 2020
- Offloads NSX, VSAN and infrastructure management components to Data Processing Units (known as SmartNIC).
- Isolates management components from workload components, improving performance and security.
- VMworld session: 10 Things You Need to Know About Project Monterey MCL1833

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