It’s the holy grail of the VMware certifications, the VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) certification. After completing the VCPs and VCAPs, the VCDX certification is the last step. VCDX validates your skills as an architect in a way that is unique to every candidate. The candidate has to write and submit a design, followed by a defense in front of a panel of existing VCDXs. As no customer is the same, no design is the same. And so, the road to the VCDX certification is unique to every candidate. ITQ employs multiple VCDXs and offers the opportunity for every ITQer to take the journey and become a part of an elite group of VMware certified architects. Meet our VCDXs:

Our own VCDXs

The top end of VMware Certification is VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX). The VCDX program is designed for veteran professionals who want to validate and demonstrate their expertise in VMware virtual infrastructure.

After taking their careers in their own hands and pursuing the challenging journey, they have successfully defended their design and achieved their VCDX number. They are now member of an exclusive group of VCDX professionals and are highly-skilled design architects in VMware enterprise deployments.

These are our own VCDXs:

Would you like to join our team and become a VCDX yourself?

As we employ multiple VCDXs, we are able to coach potential candidates in every phase of the journey. By partnering with an ITQ mentor really early in the process, our candidates are sure to get the best coaching possible. During our VCDX-mentoring program, candidates will be challenged to think like a VCDX and get the learning experience that is part of the journey. Another advantage of our VCDX-mentoring program is that we run internal VCDX workshops, mock defenses, and defense preparations as well, all from our amazing office in Beverwijk, The Netherlands.

Would you like to join our team and start your own journey towards the VCDX certification? Check our careers page here.

Our VCDX training videos

Part of the defense is a presentation of the design. Quite often, the whiteboard must be used to explain certain things of the design. Also, when designing a solution on-the-spot, during the design scenario, the whiteboard is used to create a design. So, whiteboarding is an essential skill for every VCDX candidate to master. We created a video series about the VCDX process. More videos will be added in the near future, so please come back for more!

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